Monday, January 10, 2011

Angels In My Home...


  1. Well I can certainly guess which angel is your favorite *winks* Your daughter is beautiful! And is that a statue of her? And a kitty on a silver platter! What more could one want?
    I'm simply overwhelmed by all the beautiful angels! Where did you find them all? And I have another favor to ask? Could you please enlarge your pictures? It's killing me to not be able to see all the details! No seriously.... It's life or death *winks* Lol! Your pictures are much to beautiful to not be able to "see" them. Vanna

  2. P.S. That chesterfield is killer! I have one sitting in my garage that I have no idea where to put! I just loved it so I bought it. They really do say "english library" don't they? V

  3. Vanna, I have no idea how to enlarge the photos. I will try! The sofa is actually a Horchow recamier, one of two in my family room! I got them both for $1,200 because they were missing the legs! They sell for $3,000! Ebay, of course!
    The cherub with his finger to his lips is one of two. I have them on either side of Gracie's bed to give her good dreams!
    The trumeau is an Andie original, I made it with appliques I found online and aged it with vinegar! I should have made it bigger, though!
    I'm adding more angels soon. I think I may have an addiction!

  4. Well recamiers or chesterfields...They were quite a deal! I see that you've added some more angels *winks* Sooo maybe there are two equal favorites now...No?
    And you made that trumeau?!! Wowser! Great job! Did you take pix by any chance? That would make a fabulous blog post! Maybe if you make yourself a larger one perhaps?...
    As far as the pictures? I think you would need to start with your camera. Then when you post the pictures to your blog it should give you the option (You might have to click ON the picture) to go small medium large xtra large. Do you know what I'm talking about? You want to go with the largest.
    And high five *slap* to the angel/cherub addiction! I will never have too many! But I'm seriously running out of space for all the armoires. I'll soon have to sell one to bring one in.... (I currently have 8)But that's ok too! *winks* OK I saw a post with my name on it!! I'm off to read stat! Vanna

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  6. Vanna, I wasn't being snarky. The Horchow Catalog calls them "recamiers". I call them sofas! The sides are really high, kinda recamier-like. Very comfy! I bought the new feet at VanDykes for a song! I even bought extra, just in case!
    The trumeau was an afternoon project. Really quite simple! The appliques are from Decorators Supply

  7. Curses! The link didn't link! That's okay, I posted a new, well, post! Guess what the topic is?

  8. Wow what a wonderful post! I also love angels and talk to them everyday. Your angels are so beautiful! I'm jealous of the big Angel candleholders! What a wonderful statement they make in your home.

  9. No girlfriend I didn't think you were being snarky for a minute! And I know horchow calls them that, as do many others. I had to go back and look because I thought I was losing my antique marbles (nothing new there *winks*) I have always known a recamier to be more of a chaise/sideless sofa. A la Madame Recamier. And a chesterfield as a tufted back english style sofa. Seems the swooped back of yours makes it more of a recamier....I learn something new every day! Vanna


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