Monday, January 31, 2011

Before and After

You really cannot tell from the photos but these  Craigslist fellas have a pearlescent finish which does not really jive with  my decorating tastes.  

I decided to paint them to resemble the look of aged terra cotta.  I have many architectural salvage pieces so I thought it would "go".

Some inspiration...

I spent about two hours studying the different types and colors of terra cotta clay as well as the way they aged in different climates and regions.
The color I chose replicates the painted terra cotta I have seen in and on various buildings in the Chicago area.
I spray painted the putti with orange primer then drizzled watered down white acrylic paint over it...

First try, after 7 layers of!

The trio...

In the light of the dungeon  basement...

I tweaked them about 7,562 times and I am still not done...

I think I will streak some watered down grey paint to resemble years of grime and rain...then fleck the putti with black paint, very subtly...
More on this as it develops!

I am participating in Debbiedoo's Color My World Party!


  1. What an improvement!! Andie they look amazing!! Can I take painting lessons for you girlfriend? I'm in awe of your talent! Where will you be putting them?
    And thank you so much for being the one and only (so far) to comment on my bedroom issue. I already have some fabrics for the canopy (some plaid and some in a muted burgundy red with napoleonic bees) I know if anyone can help figure out a solution it's YOU! Vanna

  2. Andie I forgot to ask...Have you been hit with the BIG snow in your neck of the woods? I saw on the news that the Midwest was supposed to receive 2 new ft of snow. V

  3. No Vanna. The only flake here so far is me!

  4. They're coming to life! Where will they reside?

  5. Andrea, i like the way they are looking!
    I will be watching for the finished product.

  6. I think you've done a great job! Thanks so much for stopping by and hope you have a great week, Theresa

  7. Beautiful blog. And...I have found that 7700 tweaks usually does the trick! lol Love your sense of humor. These look great to me already! I love what you've done with them thus far.

    I love the grotto seat in one of your previous cool!

    I'm your newest follower,


  8. I think they are looking great. I'd love to know what you have planned for them. You seem to have a knack for finding unusual things! When are you going to show us some more of your home - I know it will be fascinating!
    x Sharon @ Roses and Rust

  9. Cool! Very unique indeed, and I love that. Thanks so much for sharing at my color partay. Have a great weekend.


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