Friday, March 23, 2012

Too Soon

My Dear Friends,

I come to you once again with a heavy heart.  My beloved Duchess passed away this evening.  She died peacefully in my arms.  I pray she knew how very much she was loved.  I think she did. The time we had together was far too short.  I am not ready to say goodbye.
We adopted Duchess at the end of August.  She was thirteen years old and she had been living in the shelter for eight years.   In the short time we had together, she became a loyal friend.  She was never cross, even in her final days.  I grieve for a dear, faithful,loving and affectionate friend.  I loved her the moment I saw her photograph on Petfinder and I will love her for all eternity.

Duchess' Petfinder photograph that sent my heart all aflutter!

My darling Duchess, recuperating after her surgery.

Duchess at the window in Autumn.

Duchess, in her favorite spot in the Library.

Beautiful Duchess on Gracie's bed.

Look at that beautiful face!

Duchess, in the short time we had together I was granted the bliss of being your friend.  I will never forget you. As we became familiar with each other, I found myself in constant awe of your beauty and your dignity.  You did not deserve to be abandoned in that apartment almost 9 years ago.  You deserved to be loved and cherished.  Though I know the people from the shelter loved you.  They often asked about you and I know they will be saddened to hear of your passing. My world was a better place because you were in it Duchess.  I miss you, my friend. I miss you so very much.

I love you, Paper Doll, my beautiful, delicate girl...


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