Wednesday, March 4, 2020

We're Back...Take Two! A Bed For Atticus!

So sorry friends!  Coming back into Blogland wasn't as simple a task as I had hoped!
I had a medical thingy, which could be called an emergency, that kept me in the hospital for a bit.  Seems my heart thought the rest of me moved too slow and decided to run off without me!  😂
I have an arrhythmia that likes to remind me who's boss every now and then.  
I am out and about now, connected to a monitor that tracks my heart rhythm.  
Doing much better, I think. 

Moving on, I want to share the pet kennel makeover I did!
A friend found this leather covered kennel in a consignment shop and thought of me.
I love the shape but not the color or the windows.
It reminded me of a kennel at the New York  Metropolitan Museum of Art. 
The niche de chien was created by Claude I Sené, Marie Antoinette's  cabinet maker.  

Niche de chien, created for Marie Antoinette.

Our kennel, after I gilded the wood  had the windows removed and covered, then upholstered the outside in a mohair similar in color.  You can also see the silk stripe fabric on the interior, just like Marie Antoinette's!  
The cushion is down filled, so that Atticus can get a good day's rest!   

Online, these can cost $10,000!  Ours, total,  including the, over 2,000 upholstery nails (I counted), was less than 5% of that!  

I was thinking that a drum table from the 70's could easily be upholstered and made into a kennel such as this.  
I may have to try it.  After all, we have 5 other fuzzy friends who need beds!




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