Friday, April 25, 2014


Hello,  all you people out there in Blogland!

Just a small note to let you know that the giveaway from my friend Lori's store, Seasons, has been postponed!

I have been in bed with the flu all week. 

 It is no fun. 
I should know.  I have had fun before and it was nothing like this!

I am on the mend and Gracie and I are heading to Seasons tomorrow to find the perfect giveaway!

Stay tuned!

Sorry I have not responded to your comments or visited your blogs but I will stop by to catch up soon!

In the meantime, here is a sneak preview of a project I am working on...

This is the before. It stands five feet tall and four feet wide. I found it on Craigslist for $100.  It retails for $7,000!

Here is the 8 light version, which retails at $6131.70!   Mine has 10 lights. It was custom made for the home it was in.

However, it is a bit much. Too contemporary for my taste and the scale is off, I think.
I am going to change it a bit.

I have already used a pipe cutter to cut off the wrought iron curliqueues.
I have ordered 500 feet of crystal garland from China (on ebay) and I am not so patiently waiting for it to arrive!  LOL!
The color will be changed from faux rust to antiqued brass with gilt accents and new wax candle sleeves will be added.

I can barely contain my excitement!

Have a lovely weekend!




  1. OH NO!! Feel better! Can't wait to see how your chandelier is transformed.

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  2. Poor Andie. Glad to hear that you're on the mend and back at work on your Craig's List treasures. I need to shop YOUR CL, because ours doesn't have nearly the awesome stuff that yours does. That chandelier? Awesome just the way it is ... and I know that it will be even MORE beautiful once you put your mark on it. (I'm trying to wrap my brain around ordering 500 feet of crystal garland. Wow!)

  3. Andie, you get a lot accomplished for having the flu. Poor baby. I'm sure the chandelier is going to look grand. Can't wait to see it. I still haven't gotten over the stuff at Lori's store. Heaven!

  4. That aught to make a girl feel better knowing she has crystals and a chandelier on the way LOL

    Sorry about the nasty flu ( guess not flu shot for you this year )?
    can't wait to see your next fabulous item, the chandelier added to your house

  5. Oh Andie,
    Having had the flu this past winter all I feel for you is complete empathy. Take care, rest up and 500 feet of crystals will razzle dazzle you soon. Do you have any idea just how much you inspire and delight us in blog land? Tons... Our extremely creative CL, eBay and inventive friend.
    Big healing wishes,

  6. Oh sweet girl! I'm so happy you are in the mend! I hate to be sick like that, I was back in January, soo very sick for two weeks!!! I love all the choices here, but you have exquisite taste so you will know exactly what you want for your gorgeous home! I can't wait to see it finished!
    Enjoy your weekend looking for the gift with your DD.

  7. Andie feel better soon! I cannot believe even under the weather your wheels are turning, and that chandelier is so fabulous, cannot wait to see the grande finale!

    The Arts by Karena

  8. Andie, hope you are on the mend and feeling much, much better. My friends who had the flu this year were down for weeks. That bug is bad! The chandy inspiration is amazing and can't believe you found your piece for $100. What a deal. I know it will be fabulous as you work your magic. Take care!

  9. Andie, I too had that flu, no words to how I felt, so take it easy and ease I to your days slowly.
    As for another great craigslist find, why oh why can't one of those great finds find me?
    You my girl have the best fortune and this find is a find of finds.

    As for the giveaway we all understand, I am so excited to see the winner and what is chosen.
    See you soon.
    Blessed days ahead for you and yours,
    Take care, pace yourself so as to not have a relapse into a flu like none other, it happened to me!


  10. Glad to hear you are feeling better. Awesome chandelier! 500 feet of crystal garland?! That's almost the length of two football fields! Now that's glamour. Wow!

  11. Hi Andie,
    I am in awe. The amazing things you find on Craigslist AND you are a DIY genius. In awe.
    Hope you feel better and better with each day.
    ~ Lin

  12. If you lived next door to me, you'd never get sick because I would protect you from all invisable invaders!

  13. I can't wait to see this. I have a few parts I have been contemplating trying to construct a piece from, so I will be watching with interest. Hope you are feeling better -- flu is terrible.

  14. Chandeliers always makes one feel better. Prism medicine!

  15. Oh no I hope your feeling better Andie!! I had the flu last month and it hit me hard, I was in bed all week (so not me)! LOVE your new chandelier!

  16. wow! i can hardly wait to see your creation!

  17. Sorry you're not feeling well. Pollen season has been hard on my husband and son. Take care, Andie!

  18. Hi Andie! What a great project. I was just looking at crystal garlands on eBay myself, as I'm thinking of fabricating a chandelier or two. Thanks for visiting my blog, Garvinwesal. Appreciate your comment there. Hope you're felling better!

  19. dang. what happened?
    I'm sorry you're sick...but you made me smile. You wrote you're sick with FUN and meant FLU...I'm not laughing at you. Wish I could be there, I'm a dab hand with sick folks. They get so tired of me they finally give up and get up. LOL

  20. I love your line that you've had fun and this isn't it!
    And I DO hope you're feeling better.
    GORGEOUS chandeliers! XXX

  21. Hello,
    I have visited your blog before, and I have enjoyed it very much.
    I am hoping you could help me with my first project ever!
    I found a 6 ft. tall solid oak open cabinet (80s)with a door in the bottom at the junk store for $9 . It seems to have potential for a French neoclassical /empire/directoire look.
    Would you be so kind as to guide me to places for inspiration ? I wonder if you would treat it the same way you do your armoires. It will definitely have to be painted and added ormolu or other hardware and/or appliqués.
    I'm nervous but excited about attempting this!

  22. But you have got these beautiful chandeliers Andie and I’m interested in one of these! The second photo attracts me to find one for my cabin and it’s absolutely stunning. Thanks for sharing. Be awesome!

    Sebastian of
    Tropical Life Style

  23. Andie,

    I've never seen a chandelier precisely like this one before. It doesn't seem at all "modern," yet it doesn't resemble any of the period styles I know. I'll be interested to see what you ultimately do with it. The version with the rose-colred shades appeals to me most. I looked for years for a set of those little shades in green faux alligator skin for my DR chandelier, but couldn't find them for love or money. FINALLY, I settled for a set of in light brown alligator skin -- not exactly what I wanted, but still much too good to pass up at only $3.50 each in one of those cheesy Asian-import outlets.

    Plain ordinary white ones today are between 12 and 20 bucks a piece at the lighting stores. And so it goes ...

  24. Hi Andie: I hope you are on the mend very quickly--sending you good thoughts! I love your chandelier, and your plans to redo it sound gorgeous--can't wait to see it once you've put all your stylish touches on it!

  25. Olá Andie, espero que estejas bem. Amei esses lustres. Eles ficam lindos na decoração.
    Bjos desejo melhoras.

  26. Andie, dear, are you all right? Today is May 21st, Memorial day weekend is fast upon us, and we haven't heard from you in a long time. I hope you are feeling well. I sometimes worry about you, because you tend to be so incredibly active. I fear you may burn out, and that would be a tragedy -- not only for you, but even more for Gracie and Handsome Husband.

    Making a magical, beautiful home by surrounding oneself with items of vertu is a great thing, but being well and thus available to family and friends is much greater. After all, how would you feel about your marvellous home, if suddenly no one were there to share it with you?

    Just a thought. May Love and great blessings always come your way.

  27. Are you better yet?
    I need a fix to see what you have dragged home fabulous from craigs list LOL
    I hope all is well with you

  28. Andie I do Hope you are now on the mend and as always you are the Craig's List Queen my Friend! This is a Magnificent Chandie and your Transformation will be simply Divine!

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  29. Great find! Love your inspiration piece, can't wait to see it once you add all those crystals! Craigslist is the best!


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