Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Post of Aimless Wandering...

This is what our family room looked like last Spring...and up until a week ago.  I would have kept it this way but once I hung the drapes the room had to be reconfigured.
In a perfect world, I would have kept the windows bare but the view is not exactly stellar.

The drapes occupy approximately 10 additional inches of the room's width and the room is not wide enough to accommodate this configuration with the addition of the drapes.

Also, the family room is at the far end of an enfilade of rooms.  The kitchen, the breakfast room and the family room all had furniture running in the same direction, the kitchen island, the breakfast room table and the occasional table in the family room closely resembled train cars.
It bugged me.
A lot.
All.  The.  Time.

Woo!  Woo!  All aboard!

A change was necessary...
Mediterranean Blue faux silk taffeta drapes from Halfpricedrapes.com for use in the Winter to add color.
In the warmer months I will hang eggshell taffeta drapes.

Pet hair does not cling to the taffeta.
I cannot tell you how grateful I am for that!

View from loft area...

In case you may have missed it...that curtain is several inches shorter than the others.  *sigh* I can just move it to the corner window when the other two panels arrive.
On the far left...Mabel's rear end.  

Still waiting on two more curtain panels for the windows flanking the mantel.

The curtains match the blue of the Persian rug...

As well as the blue of the Aubusson pillows on the sofas...

...and the Duck Egg Blue of the painted secretary...

From the Breakfast Room...

My helper was hospitalized so the railings didn't get painted.
He actually called me from the hospital to apologize!
He is doing much better now, thank goodness!
Say hi to McGillicuddy and Napoleon!
Some day I will finish the secretary.  I am having commitment issues.

The paint for the railings and doors is waiting patiently in the basement...
This table was found on Craigslist.  

The top of the table is painted to simulate marble...

I have chosen Martha Stewart's Plumage for the ceiling and Whetstone Grey for the walls...
Yes. I am painting the ceiling darker than the walls.
That way, I don't have to commit to color for all the rooms in my open-concept home...
I never considered this dilemma when we bought the house.

Another point of contention in this room is the openings between this area and the Music Room.
I had hoped to have them drywalled but we used the money for Daniel's treatments and Tallulah's hernia surgery.  No regrets, though!
This means I either have to deal with it the way it is or come up with a less expensive means of covering it.
Or save up again and wait.
I have a few ideas rattling around in this wee brain of mine...
The mirror will be hung above the mantel as soon as the back is reinforced.

I should be ashamed to show this but then I remembered I have no shame.
This is kinda what the mirror will look like once it is hung above the mantel.
I could lie and say Gracie did this but she would have done a better job...

There you have it!  A rambling post with no clear beginning or ending!



Monday, February 17, 2014

Chicago Craigslist This Week!

Hi Everyone!  It's snowing again today!  Before we head out to toboggan, I want to show you a few things I found on our local Craigslist.

This one is coming home to Gracie's playroom!

The rest of these items are still up for grabs!
The link beneath each image will take you to the listing on my local Chicago Craigslist.


Are you interested in setting up your own wine cellar?
You're in luck!

How about a pair of French Champagne Riddling Racks?

Or an antique French wine corker?

Antique Pine French Dining Table

Or an antique French wine bottle carrier?

Antique Wine Crates

Antique French Grape-Picking Basket

Antique Rustic Ladder

Antique French Wine Barrel Top

Antique French Bistro Table and Chair

Lovely Settee

Treasures abound!

A pair of French parlor Chairs

One of a Pair of Velvet Chairs

Lovely Chandelier

Stunning Armoire

Bombe Chest Sink

Federal Convex Mirror

Gothic Church Cabinet

Venetian Secretary

The links only remain valid for one week on Chicago Craigslist because it is a very active site.

Wasn't that fun?!

Go see what you can find on your local Craigslist and share it in your comments, will you?



Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine's Day In the Library

 I have some very creative Blog friends! Yes, I am talking to you!  After reading through your Valentine's Day posts, I realized I could not compete.  

Instead, I will share photos of my library, taken with my new camera.
The main color of the library is red so it seemed appropriate!
I finally found the perfect library table on Craigslist!  It is actually a game table and has pull out glass/cup holders. I spent an inordinate amount of time pulling them out and sliding them back in...just because I could.  
Do you see McGillicudy and Atticus on their daybed?

David, if you are reading this, thank you for helping me get the table into my car!  xo

Gracie and I collect feathers on our walks to showcase under the glass cloches.
I am such a daredevil!  Glass cloches+feathers+McGillicuddy=WHAT were you thinking!?
He mostly just takes feathers from the santos hand, then moves the hand ever so slightly out of sync with the vignette.
Life on the edge.  I am telling you!

Close-up of our library chandelier.  It had been in storage for four years before we had it hung!
It has European wiring and sockets, so we purchased bulb adaptors for use in the United States.

I will paint this table but I am not yet sure what color(s).

The taffeta curtains are from Half Price Drapes.  What a steal!  It was cheaper to buy them, with lining and interlining, than it would cost for me to make them myself!

Detail of vignette...

View from above.  I have an Oriental rug that I want to lay on this floor...waiting for Handsome Husband's help.

Weird angle.  Sorry about that!  I had to lay on the floor to take this!  McGillicuddy laid on top of me and I was stuck there for a while! A very long while, actually!
I am not about to go back and do it again!  LOL!
The tapestry is a Craigslist find!  Can you believe it?

The cartouche above the tapestry is an applique from Van Dyke's Restorers.  I painted it with Annie Sloan Old White, applied the gold craft paint, then rubbed it with a candle and aged it with Dark Wax.

Just to give you an idea...the library opens up to the front entry hall...
The clock and the French cabinet are from Craigslist, painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in French Linen, then Clear and Dark Wax.
The chair is the first piece of furniture I ever painted many years ago.  I left the back open when I reupholstered it because it seemed magical to me.  We call it the Through the Looking Glass chair. 
 That's not 100% true.  
I call it the Through the Looking Glass chair.  Handsome Husband  refrains from mentioning the chair at all, really (much in the same way that he refuses to order the Rooty Tooty Fresh ‘N Fruity®  meal by name from the International House of Pancakes.  He just points to it on the menu and says, I would like this please)
The sheer weight of the silliness of it is just too much for him to bear.   However, Gracie agrees with everything I do or say...because she is Gracie and Gracie is very agreeable.
And silly.
Like Mom.

Found this Louis XVI leather chair on ebay several years ago.  It was shipped from France.  It has a story to tell, I am certain of it!

Through the Looking Glass chair. Toile du Jouy remnant from France found on etsy.

One of a pair of French crystal sconces that flank the mantel.

Mantel painted with Annie Sloan Graphite and Duck Egg Blue wash.

Library steps from Craigslist, painted in Annie Sloan Old White.

Venetian mirror and globe found on Craigslist!

If you follow this blog you have seen this daybed before. A Craigslist purchase, it is one of my favorite pieces.  Atticus likes it too.
Say hi to Atticus!
I painted the daybed with Annie Sloan Chateau Grey and Dark Wax, no Clear Wax at all.

The library is my absolute favorite room in the house.
I hope you enjoyed the post as much I I have enjoyed creating this room from Craigslist and ebay finds!

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day, my friends!



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