Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Breakfast Room Secretary

Hello Friends!

Still playing catch up in the gardens from last year and enjoying every second of it!
We have added a great deal and removed some details, as well.  Always in flux...

Today we are transplanting 20 arborvitae.  It's 7am and I am anxious to begin!

Before we had our fence installed last year, we used arborvitae as a screen.  We still plan on using it to surround the property but some areas take precedence. Today we will surround the arbor with a circle of arborvitae, to give it a solid backdrop.

This is going to be absolutely stunning with an emerald green backdrop!
Recall we found the pavilion free on Craigslist when we moved in!

...and, no, I never did finish this secretary.  We weren't speaking for a long duration.  
I was the first to reach out.  LOL!
In the Fall, though, after the gardens go to sleep. 

Handsome Husband brought these Asiatic lilies home from the grocery store.  They are perfect in the silver water pitcher I found at a garage sale a while back...
The drinking horn is his prized possession.  
Yes, even Viking drinking horns have a place in our home!

Hoping you are well!

It's time to dig some holes!




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