Thursday, December 31, 2015

Candles and Prayers

If there were time I would tell you why time is a thief...
Stealing moments then minutes then hours and weeks...

-- Rod McKuen 1933-2015

Happy New Year my friends!

Tonight, at the stroke of midnight, we lit twelve candles for our friends and loved ones, past present and future, including you.

We offered prayers as we lit each candle, one for each month. We said some goodbyes and thanked God for our time together. 
Tonight's ceremony held many tears.

Then, as years before, we ran outside in our pajamas and allowed the January wind to blow away the cobwebs from last year.

Then back into our warm home to face the new year together.

I shall blog again soon.  I miss you.

May the New Year bring you peace, grace, love beyond measure and good health.



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