Sunday, September 20, 2015

One Thing Leads To Another!

Now that Summer is winding down I can concentrate on the interior, which has become a perpetual undertaking!  

I know you know what I mean. Don't tell me you don't. 

You labor under the delusion that your home is just perfect.  Perfect.  That you will never change it...then suddenly, without rhyme or reason, you cannot stand to look at it!  
It's as if madness has taken over and you are thrust into an alternate dimension, a dark place where your mind is so frenzied, ravaged by asymmetry or the wrong shade of grey, that you find yourself on a quest.   
For the only thing that will salvage your sanity is a thing, a brand new thing, a thing like no other thing you have ever owned.

Or is it just me? 

Well, my friends, let me introduce you to that thing!

This is the thing! 
This enfilade cabinet was part of the set for a television show made in Chicago, called Empire.  The set designer said they were clearing the soundstage. 
For $500, I have the French cabinet of my dreams! It is seven feet long and perfect for the entry!

The five foot tall mirror above it looks so small in this photo.  
I have not yet painted the enfilade, but I am fairly certain I will.
There is plenty of room for the five foot tall pair of angels! 

And another thing!

This pair of pillars, a Craigslist find, were originally found at Restoration Hardware. I painted them Vintage Market and Design Furniture Paint, in Dove. 

I have lots more to share.

Anything new with you?



Friday, September 11, 2015

A Wry Memorial

Today, I share a poem written by my dear friend, Freethinke.


______ A Wry Memorial ______

The Swarthy Ones took over;
And made weapons of four planes.
The riders had no cover;
They suffered dreadful pains

That ended once their deathtraps
Burst into roaring fires
Turning instantly to mere scraps ––
Cinders –– made of former flyers.

The burning towers crumpled,
And fell into the street.
New York was more than rumpled;
It briefly knew defeat.

The nation drew together;
We felt collective grief.
Anger broke its tether;
To express it gave relief.

But just a short time hence
We were at each other's throats;
And built ourselves a fence
Over which the Devil gloats.

We've failed to give the orders
To build a proper wall
Sealing off our borders
To the fiends who’d make us fall.

Instead, we've made division, 
Went to war against ourselves,
Became mired in derision
Sparked by partisan elves,

Who forget this blessed land
In pursuit of powers lost
In close elections manned
By fraud. So, tempest-tossed

The country’s now in turmoil.
The Enemy's our own.
He said ‘twas all for Big Oil,
And then usurped the Throne.

The heap of twisted rubble
Raising toxic fumes for weeks
No longer gives us trouble
Because of media leaks

Designed to throw us off the scent
Of whom we need to blame
And encourage ruinous dissent
That hopes to break the frame

That holds us all together
And preserves our liberty,
So many now doubt whether
We really should be free.

And each rabble rousing louse
Should 'neath these words be pinned:
"He who troubleth his own house
Shall inherit ––– the wind."

~ FreeThinke


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