Sunday, September 11, 2016

At Last, a Pond

I have longed for a pond, since forever.  There is nothing like the soothing sound of water in a garden.

(Funny, but it does not translate to indoors.  Our windows leaked and there was NOTHING soothing about that.  Quite the opposite.)

I always knew what I wanted but my wallet did not agree.  We never agree.  An adversarial relationship at best. Like the time we had to pay to have the leaky windows repaired, for example. 

Like you, I pored over photos on Pinterest...

See what I did there?  
A water pun.
Inspiration from Detroit Garden Works

More inspiration...from Antique Art Garden Blog

If we had the money, I would buy everything Deborah Silver has to offer at Detroit Garden Works.

But for now...
I dream
...and scheme...

Enter a free steel plaster mixing trough! 

The mortar box is 8ft x 4ft. The perfect size for the bronze spitter I found years ago! 
It weighs about 200lbs, so it's not going to blow away.  I am going to keep it above ground. 

It is also 32 square feet of lawn I no longer have to mow! 

I'm so excited that I am unintentionally writing poetry! 

When we rearranged the rose arbor we removed many boxwoods.  They will surround the pond. 
The cherub spitter will sit inside the pond.  

Oh.  I forgot to share the arbor after we encircled it with arborvitaes we moved from the side gardens!

What a difference!  In a few years the only view will be the verdant arborvitae backdrop! 

I am looking for ways to seal the steel trough.  More on that as it develops!  
Any advice?



Friday, September 9, 2016

Autumn Is Afoot!

Time to surrender to the beckoning shadows and nestle in half-hidden spaces with a book...

Not Craigslist finds, but $10 each at Barnes and Noble.  




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