Saturday, February 8, 2020

Long Time No See

Hi guys!  Remember me?  
Been a while.  
I apologize for my absence.  
Frankly, I did not have much to offer, Blogwise.
Also, I am very lazy.  
Not that I have much to offer now, but I will be sharing anyhow!  😂

No.  I never did paint the railings.  I am intimidated beyond measure.  
I do have paint and that's something. Right?

I figured I would start with where I am and deconstruct it as I go along.  

The family room got a  new look.  I grew tired of the leather recamiers.  They were stiff and not very comfortable, though they were pretty.  Kinda like a supermodel.  Not much substance.  lol
I found a French sofa on Craigslist and had it reupholstered in mohair, which is not as easy maintenance as leather but very sturdy.  

I think the room is more welcoming this way.  
The cats think so, anyway.  

Family room today

Family room before we purchased our home

It's amazing how comfortable it became after we crammed it full of stuff. 
Not as echo-y either.  

Hoping you are well!  




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