Monday, May 28, 2018


I planted seven varieties of peonies in the gardens.  This was an exciting year; the first time they all bloomed!  

Clarence doesn't seem to care.   

Peonies have such an old world look.  

The vase is lovely but it os also difficult for the kitties to knock over.  lol  

Back to the gardens!

Enjoy your week, friends!  



Friday, May 25, 2018

Divine Theatre House Tour!

HI friends!  I have been gone a very long time.  Too long.  This winter was difficult for our family.  We were all very sick. Four months worth of sick.  Then the sick turned into pneumonia, which turned into a nearly fatal heart arrhythmia that put me in cardiac intensive care for a week.  
Happy ending, though!  
Everyone is perfectly healthy and we have the doctor bills to prove it.  lol  

I have so much catching up to do.  
While I was recuperating I did some rearranging.  I also parted with a great many treasures so that I could showcase the ones I have. 
Editing is the hardest part.  Isn't it?  

Because the garden season has begun I am literally just throwing these photos at you guys, waving, then going out to edge the gardens, pull weeds, plant shrubs, lay mulch....

I hope you enjoy the little tour!  
And yes, everything is from Craigslist!  

Dog gallery wall in the game room.  
Another angle

Tapestries, toile, Louis XVI, kitty and Aubusson in the game room.  
The curtains are inexpensive tablecloths from Amazon.  



Painted linen cabinet. I keep my tablecloths and napkins here.  I will share a tutorial soon! 

Tulips in the sunroom

Empire chandelier reflected in dining room trumeau mirror

French trumeau mirror and Louis XVI console in dining room

Dining room tapestry.  The Louis XVI desk came from Rush Limbaugh's uncle, so I am told.  It it used as a bar.  


Purple transferware setting for Easter dinner...

Sparklies in the dining room!

Out with the old!  

Christmas gift from Handsome Husband.  19th century French armoire to store dishes in the dining room.  

Much love to you all!  




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