Saturday, April 20, 2013

I Want to Be Her Friend!

“You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching,
Love like you'll never be hurt,
Sing like there's nobody listening,
And live like it's heaven on earth.”
~William W. Purkey


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ways To Help Victims of Boston Bombing

Just a brief post to remind you that if you Text REDCROSS to 90999 to give $10 to American Red Cross Disaster Relief, which helps people affected by the bombing in Boston, as well as disaster relief on a larger scale.

Please consider making a donation today.

Here is a list of local Boston organizations and ways they are helping.

A little assistance on how to pray when you want to scream instead.



Thursday, April 11, 2013

Espalier! Yay!

Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy this informative video on espaliered trees!  Then try to guess who is getting new trees this Spring?

If you're unfamiliar with espalier, it's a way of training tiny, branchless saplings (called whips) into beautiful two-dimensional shapes. It's generally done with apple or pear trees, but other types of trees such as willow can be used, too. It can take up to four years to accomplish the desired shape, but the result is so stunning, it's worth the wait. Here are some different types of espalier:

This man is a font of knowledge on the topic of espaliered trees...

I could listen to Peter Thevenot's voice all day!  (Especially when he pronounces French words!) When I called the orchards, located in Tennessee, I had to listen really hard to understand what they were saying!

Eight thousand projects and only two hands!  If I were a patient woman I could espalier my own trees.  It doesn't look too difficult!  I'm not getting any younger, though!  I could die before I see the results!

Click here for more information on River Road Farms.

Going to paint my secretary now!



Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Almost There!

Usually, when I find a piece of furniture, I know exactly what colors I will paint it, which hardware will be used, etc.  Not with this secretary!  After much ado, I have made a decision!  I thought the day would never come!

I have decided on the color...finally!  With the help of pixlr I am able to better envision my goal.  The secretary is currently painted in Annie Sloan Coco.  I will repaint the entire piece in Annie Sloan French Linen, including the finials. (It's the best I can do, Betsy! I cannot figure out how to cut them down!) 
The grisaille panels will be antiqued so they lose the glare.
This is the third set of posters I bought online! More on that later.
The inside will be painted Annie Sloan Louis Blue and Dark Wax!
I had better get to work!

Once it arrives, (from ebay) this mirror frame will have antique mirror added and then secured under the arch above the doors.

Deciding on which direction to take this piece, including color, was the most difficult part.  Now I can have some fun!
I should be finished soon!

Stay tuned!



Thursday, April 4, 2013

Andie's Folly

Though I love the concept of paintings in the panels I do not love the reality. This is something we would have to look at every day and it was a bit too much.  Furthermore, it doesn't match one single, solitary item in our home!  What was I thinking!?  

Back to the beginning...


Grisaille panels on the way!
Actually, they are posters from Zazzle.  The only three halfway decent candidates. I should know!  I looked at about 52,000 posters last night. There is probably a better place to find grisaille paintings but please don't tell me about it.  It's too late. The order is processing.  I might cry.

A few other changes as well.  Not too many!

Now, what can I do with the other panels?  I think I have an idea!

Have you ever had a project like this?   One that had you running in circles and shaking your head in dismay?  One that made you question your abilities and/or your sanity?
Please share your stories so I don't feel alone in my failure!



Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Step Three, Then Step Two

I wanted to share the process of painting my secretary with my Blog friends!  This is actually step three.  I will show step two next time!
I didn't paint the exterior with Annie Sloan Graphite and Dark Wax until I applied the paintings.  I wanted to be certain I would love the color.  The Graphite is the color found in the background of Rembrandt van Rijn's paintings, as well as many other Old Masters.  I think it is perfect!

I guess we can call the style of this secretary Venetian?  Baroque? Florentine?  After much research I found many secretaries that inspired me, so I chose characteristics from each that I admired...

Niccolo dell’Abbate, Chimney breast 1552, Château, Écouen, France Painting...

Petite Painted Antique French Louis XVI Ladies Secretary...

This Venetian secretary is stunning!  I actually got the idea for the panels when I noticed how lovely the painting looked next to it in this photo!

This color combination was an inspiration. 

Though I love this panel from an 18TH century French secretary, I really don't have the time to copy it!

I was also inspired by this Dutch Baroque inlaid walnut secretary cabinet. It sold for $77,000! 

They are calling this a Venetian, Rococo, Baroque secretary.  I love the details and even considered applying acrylic mirror panels to the doors of my own, until I came to my senses!  It was challenging enough to cut the posters to shape!

The exterior paintings are (L) Birth of the Sun by Corrado Giaquinto,  (R)Triumph of the Seasons by Baldassarre and The Triumph of Flora (Bottom), by Nicholas Poussin.
The entire piece will be painted in Annie Sloan Graphite and the trim, including the finials will be Old White.

This putti is five inches will go near the crown.  I may apply a convex mirror under it but I don't have one here.  Once all the paint and decoupage is done I can look for a suitable mirror if I decide it needs one!  I am still recuperating from the cost of the torch finials on ebay!

I think Annie Sloan Aubusson with Dark Wax for the interior.
These posters are reproductions of allegorical paintings entitled Spring and Autumn, respectively, by Christian Bernhard Rode.

As you may have guessed, I chose a garden theme.  The secretary is in the corner of the Breakfast Room and the paintings are great conversation starters.  It faces the Sunroom and the back gardens.

I cherish your opinions!  What do you think of these choices?



Monday, April 1, 2013

Trying Everything On...

Hi guys!  Happy April Fool's Day!  I had considered playing a prank but I really cannot top my post from a few years back! The comments are priceless!  I read them again today!  LOL!

Today I want to share the beginning process of the secretary I am working on.  The original factory finish was pretty but it was a little plastic looking.  Too perfect.  Also, the colors weren't working in the Breakfast Room.

I tried on the new (antique) hardware and the flame finials.  It is currently painted in Annie Sloan Coco but I am going over it in Graphite and solely Dark Wax tonight, then I will add the decoupage panels.   I still don't know what color I will paint the interior.  It's a toss up between Annie Sloan Duck Egg, Louis Blue or Aubusson.  Once I install the panels I will have a better idea.

Aren't the tulips beautiful?

This is a better view of the hardware.  I have aged the brassy escutcheons with burnt umber paint.

I am excited about this one!

I hope everything goes as planned!




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