Thursday, April 4, 2013

Andie's Folly

Though I love the concept of paintings in the panels I do not love the reality. This is something we would have to look at every day and it was a bit too much.  Furthermore, it doesn't match one single, solitary item in our home!  What was I thinking!?  

Back to the beginning...


Grisaille panels on the way!
Actually, they are posters from Zazzle.  The only three halfway decent candidates. I should know!  I looked at about 52,000 posters last night. There is probably a better place to find grisaille paintings but please don't tell me about it.  It's too late. The order is processing.  I might cry.

A few other changes as well.  Not too many!

Now, what can I do with the other panels?  I think I have an idea!

Have you ever had a project like this?   One that had you running in circles and shaking your head in dismay?  One that made you question your abilities and/or your sanity?
Please share your stories so I don't feel alone in my failure!




  1. I know whatever you do will be stunning! Yes when I am all over the map, I normally push the pause button hence one of my favorite sayings....sometimes the best moves you make are the ones you don't!

    Beautiful piece of furniture!

  2. Nothing is ever a failure Andie as long as you try. Everything keeps me runnig in circles but I thought that was normal.....;)I can't wait to see your new posters in place.


  3. Andie I love the new panels and think they're going to look fabulous on that beautiful piece!!

  4. I did the same thing when I added papers to a hutch.I knew in my head what I wanted, what I didn't know is how it would look when I finished. The best thing about it is try something and loving how it turns out. And if it is a mistake, you learn how to make the next one better. There are happy accidents too. You don't know unless you try! I have seen things you have done and I am sure this will look grand!

  5. Andie, sometimes you have to try out an idea to see if it works for you. You'll have this looking the way you want it in no time. The soft gray panels do look like an excellent fit. '-)

  6. I promise you are not alone... The creative process can drive one mad at times!
    You are totally on the right track now, I love the new direction you are going.
    It is going to be perfect. It is all part of the process
    Oh, about the pea gravel... Be sure and mix in some fines with the gravel and make it about 2" deep, that should work!
    Much love,


  7. I loved the panels, so what if they don't match anything else , they blend in ?
    I love the inside panels
    I am sure what ever you do with it , it will be fabulous because the secretary desk is fabulous

    I'm watching to see how it turns out

  8. It's a shame that Francesco Salviati isn't around anymore for hire.


  9. Hi Andie! Oh, honey, you're at it again. That's a lovely piece and I know you'll get it right.Looks like what you picked will be gorgeous! You still just amaze me! Your house must be huge to hold all of the magnificent pieces you keep finding! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  10. Isn't every project like this? A spark, then a sparkle, then whoosh. That's the fun of it, n'est-ce pas? Jo @ Let's Face the Music

  11. Andie,
    Without true artistic challenge striving for constant perfection our efforts are just mediocre.
    Following your blog as I do, I see how much you strive for beauty and perfection. You truly
    live up to your blog name of Divine Theatre. I believe when we reflect and take the time to reconnect
    our artistic expression masterpieces can be achieved.

  12. Andie,
    It is not a failure, it is a process. At least you are honest with yourself. Some people just charge forward without listening to their inner voice. I am positive you will be happier with what you have moved onto because you wouldn't have moved on if you were thrilled with the original idea. Have faith Miss Andie, it will all work out in the end.
    My best! Thanks for taking us along on your creative journey.

  13. You are so NOT alone. Lucky you that it is a piece of furniture, I painted a room 3 times!!

    You go girl, love all the pieces you have done.

  14. The first panels were bright. They could have been white washed and rubbed off. This gives them a worn look. The new panels are better, but might also need to wash over them to get that old paint look you are after. If you want to try this on the side side where, as it does not always work. Paint the piece with oil base paint, push the picture into the paint, color side toward the paint. Smooth out and wait for an hour or so and then peel off the print off, some of the color print will stay on the paint and it really looks ancient. You can also paint over the bright color print with crackle paint base, let it dry for a few minutes and then paint a lighter gray over top the crackle and it dulls the prints and ages it. This might need to be done on a sample first to see if you like it. Good luck, your talent for transforming things is amazing. Sissy kisses and Love from Richard at My Old Historic House

  15. Richard gives very good advice.

    I remember being shocked -- and not at all pleased -- when I visited Britain's Exeter Cathedral back in the '80's right after they'd finished restoring the bosses and many of the tombs to their original glory. The place looked for all the world like a Carousel in some third- rate traveling carnival. GARISH was the only word for it.

    I feel similarly about the restored ceiling at the Sistine Chapel. The signs and stains of age are an enormous part of what makes old things appealing. Too bright finishes always give a jarring note. Over-restoration does a disservice to Art, Architecture and Cabinetry in my never humble opinion.

    I like your original idea of mirroring the panels. It's very "Venetian," and completely right for the style of the piece. But then, you'd have the challenge of making the mirroring look convincingly aged.

    I also like the more muted "grisaille" illustrations you've chosen for the second time around. A good compromise.

    Of course, IF you have the skill -- and the patience -- painting each panel in original oils in Italian Baroque or Rococo style would be the best thing to do, providing it's done with sufficient technical skill.

    Needless to say "Pennslvania Dutch" or "Country Stenciling" motifs must be considered out of bounds. ;-)

    I'd love to see your interpretation of CHINOISERIE applied to one of Mr. Chippendale's more classically reserved designs. Any chance, or are you not a fan of the genre?

    KEEP ON, Andie. What you do is wonderful.

  16. Hi Andie,
    Richard is on the right tract. I would addhear them to the piece and do a ligh sanding to them to then use a watered down grey paint to a soft cloth and dampen the art with a staining effect to age them, and then come back with a bit of white washing and another tone like cashmere beige paint to give it an aged look and feel of old, peeling effect to toning down the visual effect of making out the piece. Then buffed the painted and aged piece with a buffing steal wool pad bought at all your lowes or Home Depots, finish it with a few great coats of matte sealers and then buff it out again :)

    I can see this piece in your vision for it, and it's going to look amazing.

    Beautiful weekend to you.


  17. Ps, i would fear creating with crackle paints due to creating a less then natural aging and more of a crafty look to its aging.

    Andie, don't fear this process, sometimes our biggest mistakes are our best works of art in beauty.


  18. Of course I've had projects like that. You have impeccable taste, my dear, and a little more refined than the average "bear" out there, so I think you are being too hard on yourself. See, I learned something today, I had never heard of "grisaille" before, so there you go. You inspired me to look it up and learn more about it. I'm sure it will look stunning and perfect for this piece!

    xx Nicole

  19. Hi, Andie -
    I am a huge fan of grisaille, and look forward to seeing the changes to your secretary. Once I decided our master bathroom should be painted banana yellow! Ouch!!! That really, really was painful. Took many, many coats to cover that huge mistake. And also lots of labor. We were starting out, and could not afford to hire painters.
    PS - I even purchased new shower curtains with the same dreadful yellow :(

  20. Hello Andie,

    Regarding your recent post "Almost There"...I love your color selections for both the exterior and interior of your secretary. I also love the idea of adding the Grisaille art panels (I love black and white, gray and white). Warmly, The Old Elf (Mary Stone)

  21. Trust your instinct. You really are amazingly talented. great eye.


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