Thursday, August 20, 2015

Details, Details...

Hello Old Friends!

This summer was likely the longest summer of my life.  As you know, my father passed away in May.  A few weeks later I had a severe allergic reaction to medicine that required a hospital stay.  I was exposed to the flu in the hospital...which developed into pneumonia...first in one lung, then both.

No fun
I have had fun before and it was nothing like that.

I am finally back in good health and spirits!  My energy levels are not as high as usual but it's coming along!
We had a great deal of catching up to do as far as family summer adventures are concerned, so the house had to wait.
We did get a beautiful new fence this year.  The dogs are so happy!
I will post photos soon.
In the meantime, I am tackling small things, like painting doors and cabinets and adding better quality hardware, knobs, faucets, etc.

I was going to pull out the builder's grade oak cabinet but am glad I painted it instead.  I absolutely love it! I added antique French hardware and painted it with sample paints fromHome Depot.  I still have to add the legs after I find a way to shorten them.  

Cabinet before

It was a real challenge to photograph the entire cabinet in this tiny powder room.  McGillicuddy the Big, Orange Cat also had to be in the room with me.  When I say "with me", I mean "on me" and on the camera.  It took about  an hour to get this shot, while balancing precariously on one foot, camera pushed up against the door and one hand on the cat.
I do suffer for my art!

You can see a glimpse of the new bronze faucet.  I have not installed it yet.  It's a little intimidating.

Antique French bronze escutcheons applied to faux drawers.

Another set of antique French escutcheons.  This time with serpents.

Painting the front door.  I also painted the sidelight.  Ha!  No more looky-loos! It also balances the door and adds much needed symmetry.

I bought knobs and a deadbolt for the door.  Then I learned that the term "standard door" really has no meaning.  The hardware I bought is for a 2 3/8" backset and my doors are 2 3/4" backset (the measurement between the edge of the door and the center of the hole where the doorknob goes).
I ordered a universal latch set.  It wasn't as universal as they claimed.
So far, I have invested $150 dollars in a set that normally costs $500.  I may order brass push plates to cover the offset holes...more on this as it develops.  :)

We finally bought high gloss black and white paint to do the interior doors and trim.  I am really excited to begin!

You may have noticed that I have not finished one single task, but am mired in approximately 20.  Is that how you work or do you do one thing at a time?



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