Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Fairest of Them All

I had a bit of time the other day, my handsome husband was busy typing away on his zombie novel.  Yes, he is writing a zombie novel!  This is one book I cannot edit for him, however. I shy away from the walking dead whenever possible. In the event of a Zombie Apocolypse, I will have to rely on his extensive studies and expertise.

Gracie was in her playroom, drawing pictures of Peter Pan and Tinkerbell.  Two different worlds!

This gave me a chance to paint a Craigslist mirror I purchased a year or so ago. You may recognize it.  I apologize for this really awful photograph.  In my zeal to get started on my project I neglected to take a before photo.

I love the garden theme of the mirror, though I am not really fond of the natural pine.

After two coats of Annie Sloan Paris Grey, Clear Wax and Dark Wax, I was done.  Less than two hours, total! I used a blow dryer between paint coats to save time.  A blow dryer can also be used to soften the Dark Wax if you need more open time. The mirror is rather large, over four feet tall and very detailed.  It took more time to get the paint into the crevices.  As an aside, we will be removing the hideous carpet on the stairs and painting them grey!
Handsome husband just read this over my shoulder and asked "what's so hideous about the carpet?"  We have already discussed this.

Close-up of the garden implement detail, which is more evident with the Dark Wax.  I am very pleased with the results!

Two hours...Mumford and Sons on the stereo, mom creating, husband creating, daughter snoring, cats"helping"...a very good day, indeed!



Monday, May 7, 2012

Look Ma! No Paint!

This may never happen again.  I am not painting this Dutch Armoire that I found on Craigslist for $80...not a drop of paint!  Oh sure, I considered it.  You know I did!  Too pretty just the way it is.

                                               One problem, however.  Where will I put it?
                                                                  I already have six.

          What if I remove the horrible bifold doors in the bathroom and place the armoire in the niche?


                                                                         Any ideas?


Friday, May 4, 2012

Jenny's Cabinet

                            Finally finished the china cabinet "bibliotheque" transformation! I know, I know...this is the third cabinet I have painted for the Dining Room...but this time I intend to keep it!  We call it "Jenny's Cabinet", in honor of our beloved little helper who passed away last month.

The original china cabinet had glass doors and glass sides. Fifty dollars on Craigslist!  Here you see my beloved assistant, Jenny.

Original Craigslist can see the side glass panels.

The bibliotheque I fell in love with.  It cost more than my car.

                One coat of Annie Sloan Pure White and a second Coat of Annie Sloan Old White, even over the glass side panels.

A coat of Clear Wax, then a coat of Dark Wax.

Here, you see the "bibliotheque" before and after the wax application and sanding. 

                                               Detail of painted and waxed finish.

 Another closeup.  The interior was painted with Annie Sloan French Linen.  We call it "Jenny Grey".

                                Closer view of the door panel with the Dark wax. When I "age" a piece, I consider how it was used and the manner in which is was cleaned.  The wax polish would have accumulated around the handles and pulls, the base would be marred from mopping and moving the piece, etc.

Any ideas on how to get the rug under the cabinet without killing ourselves?

Today I will be reupholstering the chairs with a salmon colored fabric with gold starbursts by Kravet...Craigslist STEAL!

I am participating in Shades of Amber Chalk Paint Linky Party!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Louis Chairs Before and After

One more project off the list!
 I purchased these chairs from Craigslist last year for $30...just $15 each!  I was not able to upholster them right away because I was working on the boxwood parterre.  (See the boxwood plants in the background?)

                                Inspiration in the form of a Duchesse Brisee from Christie's...

More inspiration in the form of a pair of Gustavian painted pine Bergeres, Sweden, early 19th Century...

                                                  Pair painted Gustavian chairs from 1st Dibs

                                                                      Paint inspiration detail

                                                                  Detail of 1st Dibs Bergere...

 I painted the frames with Annie Sloan Chateau Grey and her Dark Wax.  I also painted the medallions and part of the leg with Antique Gold craft paint.  I chose off white cotton duck for the upholstery.  I had a difficult time deciding between that and Waverly LaBelle Campagne toile.  My decision was made when I discovered Waverly discontinued the fabric.  I did find eight yards on ebay for the Louis XVI chairs in the breakfast room, however.  Look!  We finally laid the rugs!  I ordered hundreds of yards of grey taffeta for the drapes.  The windows are 18 feet high.  I hope I have enough time to finish them before gardening season begins!

I need to add more Dark Wax over the gold, I think.  It doesn't look as bright without the camera flash, though.

      A side view.  They need pillows.  I'm still trying to decide.  I can never make up my mind!

 The Waverly LaBelle Campagne toile would make lovely bolsters.  The Annie Sloan Chateau Grey has a slight green hue.  They complement each other very well....or Aubusson fragments made into bolsters?  Help me decide?



                      I think the chaise needs a new cushion cover.  The toile isn't doing it for me.

This Craigslist mirror is going over the mantel now that I have decided on a wall color. Sorry about the fabric piled up.  I was trying to decide what to use on the chaise.  I didn't see it until after I took the photo!  The openings in the wall will be covered over with drywall.  It leads to the formal living room. The painting in the reflection is of the Archangel Michael by Guido Reni.  Michael is my husband's name, the Archangel is also the Patron Saint of police officers.  Soon I will be hanging my own Madonna (mother and child)  paintings.  I am excited!

                              A different angle.  I am keeping the walls white (I think).

                                                     Atticus and Mabel approve!

                                        Mabel even brought her mousie up for a nap!

             Grey mohair velvet on the chaise instead.  Which do you like better?  This or the toile?

Isn't it nice to cross projects off your list?  Eight thousand more to go!


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