Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Louis Chairs Before and After

One more project off the list!
 I purchased these chairs from Craigslist last year for $30...just $15 each!  I was not able to upholster them right away because I was working on the boxwood parterre.  (See the boxwood plants in the background?)

                                Inspiration in the form of a Duchesse Brisee from Christie's...

More inspiration in the form of a pair of Gustavian painted pine Bergeres, Sweden, early 19th Century...

                                                  Pair painted Gustavian chairs from 1st Dibs

                                                                      Paint inspiration detail

                                                                  Detail of 1st Dibs Bergere...

 I painted the frames with Annie Sloan Chateau Grey and her Dark Wax.  I also painted the medallions and part of the leg with Antique Gold craft paint.  I chose off white cotton duck for the upholstery.  I had a difficult time deciding between that and Waverly LaBelle Campagne toile.  My decision was made when I discovered Waverly discontinued the fabric.  I did find eight yards on ebay for the Louis XVI chairs in the breakfast room, however.  Look!  We finally laid the rugs!  I ordered hundreds of yards of grey taffeta for the drapes.  The windows are 18 feet high.  I hope I have enough time to finish them before gardening season begins!

I need to add more Dark Wax over the gold, I think.  It doesn't look as bright without the camera flash, though.

      A side view.  They need pillows.  I'm still trying to decide.  I can never make up my mind!

 The Waverly LaBelle Campagne toile would make lovely bolsters.  The Annie Sloan Chateau Grey has a slight green hue.  They complement each other very well....or Aubusson fragments made into bolsters?  Help me decide?



                      I think the chaise needs a new cushion cover.  The toile isn't doing it for me.

This Craigslist mirror is going over the mantel now that I have decided on a wall color. Sorry about the fabric piled up.  I was trying to decide what to use on the chaise.  I didn't see it until after I took the photo!  The openings in the wall will be covered over with drywall.  It leads to the formal living room. The painting in the reflection is of the Archangel Michael by Guido Reni.  Michael is my husband's name, the Archangel is also the Patron Saint of police officers.  Soon I will be hanging my own Madonna (mother and child)  paintings.  I am excited!

                              A different angle.  I am keeping the walls white (I think).

                                                     Atticus and Mabel approve!

                                        Mabel even brought her mousie up for a nap!

             Grey mohair velvet on the chaise instead.  Which do you like better?  This or the toile?

Isn't it nice to cross projects off your list?  Eight thousand more to go!


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  1. What a good job on these chairs! I wish I knew how to upholster. How did you learn? Did you take a class and is it hard to learn to do well and do you have to be an expert seamstress?
    Isnt Craiglist the bomb!? I love it and buy lots of things from there. Its nice because there is no shipping either...you just go pick it up as it is all local!
    I am new to your blog...looks like I am going to love reading it! Peace, Laura

  2. They look incredible, Andie. The color, and fabric were a perfect choice.

  3. Gorgeous! You did a magnificent job and I love them! What a bargain too for those two lovely chairs, sure were worth it. Hugs,

  4. simply stunning, what a great score!
    glad you are back

  5. The chairs.....stunning!!! Fantastic job.

    I'm an aubusson girl myself but it's hard to say without seeing what you've got in comparison to the toile. The toile is lovely though. Be sure to let us see what you decide!

    The Gilded Barn

  6. Andie your chairs are stunning, you do have the vision! I can't wait to see your drapes and love your new header. You are so creative please come to my house and play!


  7. Great job on the chairs - Pretty !
    I know about those long to do lists. At least you are marking things off - I seem to just keep adding.:-D

  8. I love, love your new profile picture, so cute. I can see your real personality. You house is looking so beautiful. I am still looking to see that Toile wallpaper in your dining room. I think you are the Queen of the transformation. I am doing better, got my self under control for a moment. Don't be sad to long with your recent pet losses, they now have a new owner in Heaven. Love and Sissy kisses. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  9. Hello Andie, happy to see you back and inspiring us again with your clever transformations.
    I am voting for Aubusson fragments, or floppy charcoal velvet edged with old gold rope..
    Hugs Colette x

  10. Andie they are amazing, the best part is the fact that you have beautiful chairs at a steal and if you were to buy them new the price would be hard to chock down.
    Covering them was well worth the investment to a beautiful find.

    I am on the hunt for some chairs now!

    PS. I always can count on a theatrical post when I make a visit to you, I am putting aside my building of my french theatre's for a bit and looking for some chairs :)

  11. OMG!!! You are so AWESOME!!! Love the new chairs! Good choice on the upholstery fabric AND the ASCP color! Love the gold on those chairs! Keep sharing!!! God bless!

  12. Gorgeous chairs, I wish I knew how to upholster. I have a chair to recover myself. That mirror for your fireplace will look stunning. Love the crown in front of the fireplace too!

  13. I'd love to hear more about your upholstery process - especially how you created the puffier seat cushions. Glad to see your new posts!


  14. Dearest Andie, I agree with Cris, to know how you created the cushions. The chairs are magnificent, and you got it perfect. The chaise, with toile, is actually quite nice. It may fade nicely in the sun, given time. Your home is shaping up so beautifully!

  15. Hi Andie,

    They're perfect, the cream on te cake!! I love them ( my heart is beating)
    Thank you so much for inpirating us..


  16. What an amazing room! The chairs turned out lovely!

  17. What do I love most about this room? I can't make up my mind. The "new" chairs, the angel, that fabulous mirror? Can't wait to see a photo after the taffeta curtains are hung. What a beautiful, elegant room! Found you via Met Monday.

  18. Your chairs are stunning! I love them in gray, what a fab job you did too. Gorgeous room, I love all the elements it contains, like the beautiful mirror and the angel. Can't wait to see it all embelished! Have a great week.

  19. the chairs are beautiful,your room is magnificent!

  20. Wonderful job on the chairs!! They are beautiful! I love the photos where the two kitties are enjoying them! :)

  21. Gorgeous chairs! What a great deal too! I love the feel of your home. Visiting from the open house party :)

  22. Andie, Your chairs are beautiful with the new paint and upholstery. This room is so gorgeous...love the mirror and fabulous chaise. Thanks for linking to the OHP this week.
    Hugs, Sherry

  23. what a beautiful room and I love the large mirror and I think I like the gray on the chaise :)

  24. You did a great job on the chairs! They are stunning. You room is lovely especially the natural light! And the cats are beautiful.

  25. These chairs turned out fabulous. Did you do them or hire it done?

  26. Perfect!!! I have some chairs from my Mother's house. I am getting ready to work on them
    My first attempt at upholstery!
    Great colors you choose. And your kitties are just too sweet!

  27. In case you didn't know, your blog has gone "viral" on Facebook! You are doing fantastic work with Chalk Paint™ decorative paint by Annie Sloan...we are all re-posting your blog virally! Cheers!

  28. Incredible job on the chairs! Wow, what a gorgeous room! I'm off to see more...............Sarah

  29. your blog rocks ! http://casinogamesonlinee@blogspot.com

  30. Just found your blog (where have I been, I know!)
    These chairs look amazing! Annie Sloan Chalk Paint has just this year come to Australia and my friend Sandy (paintmewhite.com) is the local supplier. I have been painting up a storm haha. I'm thinking of painting some upholstery but because I can upholster I feel like I'd be cheating myself :/
    Love all your work. I have some catching up to do, bye!!
    Ange x


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