Thursday, February 6, 2014


I am not the only one pacing, waiting anxiously for signs of Spring.

Every evening around 6pm, four bunnies stand at my sunroom door, waiting for their apples.

  The snow has covered every edible thing, except for my newly planted Cleveland Pear Tree "grove", which I thought was protected sufficiently, but when the snow rose above the tree protectors the rabbits sat upon the higher elevation and ate the bark above the snow line.  I'm sure the trees are goners but I am am hoping to get at least a Springtime bloom.

The bunnies fill up on apples and then head over to the trees for a bark chaser.

I don't care because those bunnies are just so FLUFFY!
So fluffy I could die.

Speaking of fluffy, this has been a busy time for us.  
Homeless cats and dogs still need to be rescued, no matter what the weather.
After this post, we are headed out to pick up three puppies and a Border Collie an hour south and drive them to a shelter three hours north, then back home.  This is something we are passionate about.  There are no words to convey how fulfilling this is.

Maybe your warm home could be their next stop?

Tallulah, our beautiful English Bulldog, is the reason for this particular post. (When I see that photo of her in the shelter compared to now I can't believe the difference!)

Tallulah is a bed hog of epic proportions. Award winning.
If there was an Olympic bed hogging event she would win the medal,
along with one for the Ladies' Downhill Slalom.

 But that's another story for another day.

She is small as far as bulldogs go but she is transmogrified to a beast 10x her size at bed time.
I am not making this up.

Don't let that sweet face fool you! Not only does she monopolize the bed, she eats the blankets! And the pillows! And Gracie's hair!
She may have a long lost grandmother who was a goat.

See how love has changed the little darling? The first photo shows Tallulah in the shelter after she was rescued from a breeder, so sick and waiting for surgery.
Look at her in our garden this past Summer!
It looks like two completely different dogs!
You know how much I love Before and After collages!
Too beautiful not to share!
This is nothing compared to what she has given us!

The twin size bed was no longer working. Gracie became quite adept at accommodating Tallulah but she was sleeping in positions that Iyengar Yogis have yet to master.

Something had to change.
Kicking Tallulah out of bed was not an option for Gracie.

So I headed to the answer for all of life's questions...

Look what we found on Craigslist for $300!
Full size French bed for my little princess and her little princess.
Not going to paint it.

Instead of a box spring we bought a bunkie board to maintain the low profile. 

Hopefully, her room will be done soon.  I promise to give you updates!




  1. what a great find! you're not going to paint it? seriously? What a fun project that would be for you -haha. Doggie looks SOO happy now :-)

  2. Andie, you are an angel. Thank you so much for your help with the animals. I was out trying to bust open water with a pick ax for mine this morning and had to end up carrying 5 gallon buckets of water because theirs was frozen solid. Will have to again this afternoon. I hate winter! Be that as it may, I still spread corn and seed down the driveway for all the wild animals. Not everyone can help foster animals, etc. Myself, after my two weenie daughters leave me, that will be my last dogs. I cry over my parrot, cats and others, buy losing my dogs destroys me. I simply can't go through it anymore. I do donate to Greenpeace, ASPCA, SPCA and PETA to try and help those with no voice. You are truly an angel.

  3. I am so thankful for kind souls like you who rescue these poor animals from such horrific conditions!! I have two rescues myself and cannot imagine life without them. My three Yorkies sleep with us and I am always amazed at how much room they take up on the bed!!!! LOL....Your daughter's new bed is soooooo beautiful. I can't wait to see her room :o)

  4. Oh come on, why do you keep finding these wonderful treasures? Maybe it is your good karma for rescuing all the animals.

  5. Seriously you need your own show!!!! I would call it the CRAIGSLIST CONTESSA!! You are AMAZING. I only find on the rare occasion I look (normally after looking at one of your posts) only rusty old bikes and furniture I wouldn't put in my garage, you totally have the magic touch....simply amazing1

  6. Your heart and love inspires. I only ever adopt, our last adoption was Simon 5 years ago. Long story short he was said to be 6 months, he was only 3 months. A cat of unknown origin. Well Simon was long, tall, with his own list of medical problems which turned out to be a protein sensitivity. Of course through the years he has grown into a 22 pound affectionate sweetie. Not fat... Just huge. Like you Andie we have a soft spot for all god's creatures. Somehow I've spoiled the birds that visit us. They only seem to enjoy cornbread and granola, Yup you guessed it, that's what I buy for them. I love your new CL bed for your adorable Tallulah and sweet Gracie. The love that your family extends to God's little creatures warms my heart beyond belief.
    Stay warm for we too in Philadelphia are having an unbelievable harsh winter too.

  7. Hi Andie! Oh, that Tallulah is one gorgeous gall. I love bull dogs. I have a little mini Schnauzer and she does her best to take over the bed. Now that little Gracie is one fortunate young lady to have a mommy like you who finds these lovely things for her. The bed is most beautiful! You must have the best items on your Craigslist than I've ever seen. The bed does look like it's meant for a little princess. Hope you're doing well.
    be a sweetie,

  8. It can be difficult to explain to someone who doesn't understand how rewarding it is to volunteer to transport rescue animals. We love it, too.

    Great score on CL .. you are the national Craig's List champion for sure.

  9. Your posts always make me smile! What a huge heart you have and it sounds like 'Handsome Husband" is the same.

  10. Oh Andie, you are the CRAIGSLIST QUEEN! My mother-in-law has a French bed exactly like this one and my husband has always loved that bed. ME TOO!

    And love.....look what it's done to Miz Talulah! It heals, it hurts, it wipes clean all the messes that one inflicts on oneself and what others the grace of GOD and the healing and kind hand of another human.

    I love that you enjoy nature as well, and BULLDOGS! saw the little pup on my post, I'm sure!

    Congratulations of 11 years with the man you love. We are going on 32 years, March 6 and I cannot believe it. Love is eternal, but feels likes only days when you spend it with the one God meant for you.


  11. I would be itching to start painting that sucker.......but I understand that it's beeootiful in wood too.
    Does Tallulah toot?
    Our boxer, when I was growing up, laid the most amazing blasts of gas imaginable.......😱😱😱😱

  12. Andie,
    Any suggestions for shipping a bed from Washington DC that I found on Craigslist?

    1. Have you tried UShip? I have had lots of luck with them. Truckers who are passing through both points bid on the load and you decide whom to hire.



  13. Andie that bed is gorgeous! Love the matched pattern on the headboard, and I would not paint it either!
    The Arts by Karena

  14. Love this about you andie and hubby

  15. Very sweet Bulldog. Good friends of ours adopted a Bulldog a couple years ago from the local shelter in BC he was missing an eye and had to have his tail amputated due to it being a corkscrew. Anyways they love this dog to pieces and he is a real ham. Couldn't have gone to a better family. In the same area my dog's trainer also adopted a Bulldog. She has had three and loves their personalities. She owns other breeds as well but her husband says it's his favorite..
    You do so much good for all the animals out there Andie!!
    Pamela xo

  16. Tallulah is a charmer--so glad she is able to be with you in your happy home! We have cats like her, in that they expand to at least 3 times their daytime size when they decide to share the bed with us :) The French bed is very lovely as well.

  17. Another Craigslist find - you rule! I think Ms. Tallulah has her eyes on this new bed. Yes, too beautiful to paint. When I retire, I want to adopt many more doggies!!! xoxo

  18. Only you my Dear Andie would give the Bunnies free reign for a Bark Chaser {LMAO, sorry} after an Apple Buffet you provided to get them thru the Winter! Sorry your Trees will probably be Goners after the Bunny Party... but yes, they are so stinkin' cute and FLUFFY aren't they, who could hate a Bunny after all?! Good to see the Craig's List Queen is still on top of her Game! We've done our part in Adopting another Kitty, well, SHE ADOPTED US actually... and wouldn't you know she WAS already preggy... so we'll have to wait to get her spayed now after her litter is born and weaned. She's so Precious that I didn't mind nearly as much as I thought I would, she's a Calico and has such a Sweet disposition... but I Hope to find good Homes for her Babies when the time comes... don't need more Cats! *Le Sigh* BTW: The Young Prince was profiled on the front page of another Local Publication 'Southwest Valley Republic' for his Work at the Art and Science Center!!! I'm SOOOO proud, even tho' it is proving to be Impossible to enroll him in High School, I have to Believe everything will work out in his Favor eventually. Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  19. Andie, you are the Indiana Jones of Craigslist. You could find the Lost Ark there, I have no doubt. The bed looks great. Looking forward to the photos of Gracie's room.
    Tallulah looks very happy :-).

  20. Hi, Andie,

    Very often your writing is downright poetic. It's wonderful to be so passionate about life -- and the particular interests one takes in it. You could -- and should -- make a book out of these blog posts. IT would make a splendid, inspiring "coffee table book" with all the photos you have taken.

    I am nowhere near as good as you and your husband, but I feel very much the same way about animals. My father always said it was impossible to like and trust anyone who doesn't like animals. He didn't mean that everyone had to have a pet -- for some it is a physical impossibility -- he onlythey should meant feel respect and affection for animals. I grew up believing -- and still believe -- it's impossible to love another human being with wholehearted devotion unless you've first have the experience of loving -- and caring for -- a dog or a cat -- preferably both.

    The older I get the I realize how precious life is, so my love for the creatures has only grown more intense with time. At one time I had three cats and a charming, highly-assertive half-sized parrot. Now, I am down to two cats each of whom will be ten come June.

    I recently heard this wonderful observation from England's Queen Elizabeth II, that helps set things straight;


    Well, of course, life without love is no life at all, and grief is inevitable, so it must be all right to grieve.

    The bed is handsome -- almost regal. You are right not to paint it. The wood looks lovely, but do you REALLY think Tallulah will find it large enough both for herself AND Gracie? I have my doubts. One of my cats shares a King-Sized Bed with me, and I am ALWAYS finding myself hanging over the edge of the mattress in the middle of the night. Exactly how this happens I couldn't tell you, but it does.

    I wish Tallulah could meet Emma -- another bulldog who lives just down the street from me. Emma is not a bed hog, instead she is a ROAD hog -- meaning she loves to sit like a stone in the road, and absolutely refuse to budge when her mistress takes her out for a walk. Sometimes, one must be QUITE firm to get Emma moving again. Needless to say, Emma is a favorite character in the neighborhood.

    I LOVE bulldogs! Always wanted one, but it never happened. A bit too old now, I fear.


  21. Seriously you are the queen of Craig's List. What a find!!


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