Sunday, January 20, 2013

Getting There is Half the Fun!

I finally found a table and chairs for the breakfast room that was within our budget!  Of course, the set needs some work.  Here's what I did so far...

I loved the set, however, there was also caning under the glass of the table.  It gave me vertigo!  I tried to remove the glass to remove the caning but the glass would not budge!

The table was purchased by the original owner in the 80's and it bore the telltale pickled finish!  The seats are covered in suede leather with nailhead trim.  I love them but I am also making slipcovers for fun.

The set originally cost over $3,000!  I bought it for 10% of that price!  It is Mabel approved!

I found this table on Craigslist for $30.  The seller was kind enough to remove the legs...

I bought a tube of Loctite Power Grab and adhered the tabletop to the original...

Handsome husband had an excuse not to work out for 24 hours because I stole his weights to help the tabletop adhere!  It was slightly warped and the weight helped it to lay flat...

Close -up of the very scientific method I used...

Inspiration for chair color

More inspiration...

I plan on painting the chairs with Annie Sloan Old White and Dark Wax.  I think I will paint the table in French Linen and Dark wax. 
Should I paint the tabletop or leave it?  Has anyone had any experience with painting tabletops that are in constant use?

I have lots and lots to share with you!  We are finally having the drywall between the living room and Music Room done and an electrician is coming to hang 20 chandeliers!  They have been in the garage for the past three years!

I love to decorate but I will be so happy when it's complete!

Also, lots of Craigslist finds...wait 'til you see!

How is the New Year treating you?



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  1. Our year is off to a good start. Can't wait to see your other CL finds. You have the magic touch for finding amazing pieces!

  2. Those chairs and table are going to look fabulous!! LOVE your inspiration photos! I think I would leave the top stained. A painted top would get a lot of scratches. Can't wait to see this transformation!

  3. I have painted a few. The key is to make sure the paint is cured before using it. If you wax it it will distress, A lot of people use poly but I like the waxed tops and the natural distressing that comes with it. Can't wait to see...

  4. I love that you are fearless in your decorating! What effect does the wax give to the final product? I am deciding whether to re-finish!

  5. Hey, I use that same scientific method for bonding. LOL I know the set will be beautiful, as well as everything else. I've painted many tabletops, but if you're going to use it a lot, I would probably leave it.

  6. A fabulous find for sure! Love those chairs... great idea to make a new tabletop, which will look good as is or painted. Does the stain color go with other woods nearby?

    I found a fireplace mantle last week on Craigslist, come on over
    to see the results!

    ~ Violet

    P.S. TWENTY chandeliers?!?! and I thought my house had a lot!

  7. Hi Ms. Cutie Pie! Oh, I love your table and chairs and that was a great solution! You're the smartest one - always.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. Hi Andie, The table and chairs were a great find and they will look beautiful when painted! I wouldn't paint the table top unless it will get very little wear. xx, Sherry

  9. Wow, lovely table and chairs! Beautiful solid wood. Great solution for the top! I would paint the top, like Deneen said, it will distress but it's a look I love. I repainted our kitchen table last summer in ASCP Coco and Old White and I love it. I posted about. I plan to rewax it every couple of years.

    Can't wait to see your music room with all those chandeliers!


  10. Beautiful, unique and poised! I can't wait to see the color when it's done, too.


  11. Andie I love your table and chairs! Absolutely gorgeous and very clever with the new table top and the weights holding in place! I think I would love to see the table top painted .... so very French!
    best wishes

  12. Linda tua mesa. Via ficar linda sua pintura. Esse tom de branco é o meu predileto agora no momento. Também ando atrás de cadeira diferente e rústicas. Sua sala vai ficar belíssima com este lindo conjunto.Estou curiosa para ver ela terminada.
    Tenha uma ótima semana.

  13. ANDIE, you are brilliant. That table set is well worth every penny and ounce of work you are putting into it. I hope to at least find some chairs like this and paint them. I already have a pine harvest table, so I am not sure how to answer your question. But I think that you should paint the table and then just use a white linen table cloth when in use. YOU ARE BRILLIANT INDEED! Anita

  14. Tell Mabel that I started my diet today.....but don't hurt her feelings, plus sized girls have to be kind to each other.....

  15. Once again Andie, you inspire with all your finds, ideas and energy!
    Paint all and leave top till last ...then decide. if you still want wood, a option is maybe scrubbed wood?..then again, you are so good with your painting , in two years from now you want to change it go for it!
    Colette xx ps ask Dore ( Burlup Luxe...she should have some good advice here..)

  16. I have painted a table top, coated it in marine varnish (3 coats) then buffed it to remove shine. So far 30 years and counting....
    Love your projects! 20 chandaliers???????

  17. I want those chairs!!!! Wow! So frenchy! :--)

  18. I painted a small table, which I used as a desk. Different use than a dining room table, but it held up fine.
    I'll echo sandrajonas above" "20 chandeliers???????"

  19. Hi Andie!
    Love it, love your ingenuity. It will look fab with the chalk paint.
    I have read so much of your blog and love it so much. Did you ever have any luck with the company that paints on canvas for the tapestry look you were going for? I would love to do the same if it worked out for you. Please let me know, thanks so much!!!!

  20. I'm, so glad that you found the table and top that you wanted and that you're finally getting that wall removed! I know how long you've waited! 20 chadeliers? I can't wait to see! Looking forward to seeing what all you've found on Craig's List recently too! New Year is going by quickly - can't believe how far into January we are all ready! No big changes on this end but I have some plans. I always have plans LOL! Hugs, Leena

  21. this will look great! leave the top unpainted -if you dislike it you can always paint it later!

  22. How clever to glue another tabletop to the original--good idea! Those chairs will be stunning when painted white because of their lovely shape now. And 20 chandeliers--wow, wow, wow--I can't wait to see that! And your cats are gorgeous--obviously they like to help, as do ours :) Have a fantastic week!

  23. Ms. Thang! I had chairs just like these in my St.Louis city apartment. I put toile fabric on the back and let the cain show on the front. You can paint glass if you use oil based enamel. I have also gold leaved the back side of glass, I guess this would have not worked if it would not come out. Very smart to add a new top. You are amazing. Good to see you at it. Can't wait to see all the chandeliers and the new wall. When are you going to put up your beautiful wall paper? Love and Sissy Kisses. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  24. So exciting! I was wondering what you were up to.

  25. WHAAAA? Twenty chandies???? Do you really have twenty holes in your ceiling with outlets for chandies?? How amazing if you do! Listen you are just killing me with your craigslist scores. I have looked but I guess I have to get back to being more of a regular...and you can wax your table top. Just give it three coats waiting a day in between for drying time and you will have one heck of a protected and durable table top. If you get it "dirty" wipe with a damp cloth or sponge with soap and what dirt marks don't get removed are not water borne dirt marks,and these remaining smudges or scuffs will magically get erased when you reapply some soft wax and rub with a cloth!

  26. Nice CL score, and and even nicer way to deal with the glass and cane top! Your inspiration photos should be super easy to achieve with this new set.

    On to your tabletop question ... I know the Annie Sloan purists will tell you that a waxed top will be just fine in every day use, but that's not my experience. Our breakfast table gets a LOT of use, and we're not the most careful of families, so maintaining a good wax finish on that table would be a nightmare. (I used steel wool and Annie's wax to renew the top of a 1920s mahogany dining table. It looked great, till we ate enchiladas on paper plates without placemats, and we left cloudy white blobs where each plate had been.) I have great results using two coats of satin polyurethane (the regular, oil-based kind) on the tops of chalk-painted pieces. This looks best if the top and the base of the piece are different colors, since the poly will not give the same color or finish as the wax does on the rest of the piece.

    If this were my set, I would paint the chairs and table base, THEN you can decide whether to paint to top or not.

  27. Good Afternoon Andie, I have to say, I really look forward to your posts. I am always inspired by what you do are such a talent. I love your scientific approach to "holding down" the table there any other way!!!!
    You must be super excited to be hanging the chandeliers which you have carefully collected.....not long now.
    Sorry, I am not an expert on chalk paint, but I notice most of your other friends are, so you will find the answer you need.
    Have a lovely day.
    Best Wishes

  28. Its beautiful!! Glad to hear about your new furbabie Tallulah. Have a good day also.

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  30. What a neat transformation! The table looks great. Craigslist is such an awesome resource. -Al

  31. Love the table and chairs and your inspiration colors. Can't wait to see what you do with them. Sounds awesome!
    Following along,

  32. Before I forget...I love your picture, I can't help and stare for a minute at how gorgeous you look, like an old Hollywood STAR!! Your round table looks lovely and the entire set is fabulous, what a great find! I cannot wait and see what you do with it, I already love it as is! Thanks for your sweet visit, my friend.

  33. What a gorgeous find! And adding the new thrifty tabletop is perfect. You are so inspiring Andie! Thank you for sharing at TTF. Have a fantastic day!

  34. always you provide exclusive posts and ideas for for me, thanks

  35. Oh my. Just found your blog today and have spent hours lost in it! Divine! I am a craigslist fan as well for both buying and selling. I live near Seattle thank goodness as I'd not want to compete with you! : )

    If I may ask re your chandeliers - I have 15 that are boxed in the garage - antique that I've collected over the years. Did your electrician check wiring and/or have to rewire any of yours? And I'd love to have an idea of what the cost is to hang them. I want one in every room. I'm still tempted when I see a gorgeous one at a great price but tell myself I'm not allowed to buy more until these are hanging.

    Thank you for your help and advice!


    1. Please forgive me for taking so long to respond?
      I am so happy you found me! It cost a whole buncha money to have the chandeliers hung but it was worth it (I think) to do it right. It's a one time cost. Over $1500 total. It was a hard pill to swallow! LOL!
      Some were previously rewired and the ones that weren't (the ones from Europe) I found adaptors on ebay so I could use candelabra bulbs.
      Hope this helps?



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