Monday, March 18, 2013

Never-Ending Story...

I have not forgotten the tutorial for the Gustavian armoire.  My fever addled brain hadn't allowed much leeway for cognizant thinking, so I have a massive amount of catching up to do!  I won't even know what I have forgotten until I remember it!
I have missed you so very much, my friends!   I really have.  Come to think of it, I have missed myself!  LOL! That pneumonia knocked me on my keister!  After my last post I thought I was getting better but it was actually the calm before the storm!
Handsome Husband's arm is healing too.  That is the last time he arrests someone at the top of a long flight of stairs!  Gravity is such a harsh mistress!  I guess there's probably a reason they call them a flight of stairs?

  The thing is, the armoire didn't work in the Breakfast Room.  It was too big.  I had to say goodbye.  Gosh, I loved that armoire. Moved it into every room downstairs to no avail. It couldn't stay.  I learned another Craigslist lesson, however; Don't assume the seller measured correctly!  Bring your own measuring tape!  The armoire was just too wide for the wall.  As you may know, I have a sickness for armoires.  There is no known cure.  Alas, I endure, (as does Handsome Husband.  Boy Oh Boy, does he endure! ).

I would like to introduce to you, a piece of furniture that is NOT an armoire!  You will never guess where I found it!  Um.  Yes you will.  Craigslist!

Handsome Husband says it looks like an armoire.  You think he'd understand the difference by now.  My chandeliers are still patiently waiting to be hung.The Breakfast Room chandelier is Venetian, with lots and lots of crystals!  
*GASP* The wall above the clock looks so bare!  Blank spaces make me hyperventilate!  Open expanses are for Modernists...and livestock.  I must remedy this.  We actually have so few walls in this "open concept" home that I really tend to overdo it with the walls we do have.  I am trying to work with the house.  It can be a challenge, however.  
Listening to me complain, one might get the idea that I am not as grateful for my many blessings as I should be.  I agree. Thanks for reminding me.  I am so very blessed and I LOVE this house!

 The hall lights will all be replaced with Moravian star chandeliers.  There are eight!  It will be so stunning to have them all in a sparkling row through the hallways! My animal friends take precedence over things like electricians, though...  :)

I'm not even going to paint this!  I can't move it on my own, anyhow.  I think it is made of  white dwarf star matter!  So very heavy!

But, if I were to paint it, it may resemble something like this.  I said IF!  
I'll probably paint it.   We all know this.  *nods head* We do.

I bought this swan keyhole escutcheon on ebay. It's from France!  (In my best Pepe La Pew voice)...I think I will add it to the front with a faux key pull...No?

...and these laurel escutcheon keyhole covers for the drawers...

The only addition I made so far was the finials.  They were a gift from a dear friend years ago. The piece is 95" tall and the finials make it almost as high as the ceiling! The spot it is in had a builder's desk and cabinets that matched the kitchen cabinets. I removed them the second day after we moved in.  It isn't a large space and it's awkward.  So awkward...and lopsided looking, because of the hallway on one side and the railing on the other...there is no sense of balance.


Do you love it as much as I do?

 See the papier mache shoes that my friend Anita, from the blog Castles, Crowns and Cottages created?  Dearest Anita!  I have not forgotten you!

This corner was quasi-difficult to fill!  I had a cabinet and a mirror there, originally.  However, with a mirror and a table around the corner, it looked like  a furniture warehouse.  Then the Gustavian armoire, too big.  Now, I think I finally have a happy ending to this story!

Here is a view of the Sunroom, which is on the other side of the Breakfast Room table...the urn is where we put our Christmas Tree! That way the cats (I'm looking at YOU, McGillicuddy!) cannot climb up and knock the tree over! It has a plastic five gallon bucket and a dozen bricks in it, waiting for Christmas!  The ginormous birdcage behind the settee was a Craigslist find.  Betsy, I know I am not supposed to block the window but this house has no walls and I really like stuff around me.  I think I mentioned that already.

Wait until you guys see what I am doing with the opening between the Family Room and Music Room!  It consists of a dozen panel doors from Lowe's, half a dozen closet doors and trim!  I got the idea from Greet, at Belgian Pearls Blog!  I am saving $4,800 with this plan!
Now, I am off to visit your blogs!




  1. Lamps are a particular fetish.

    However, the number of drop-leaf gate-leg tables is embarrassing.

    How many can 1 woman own?

    You thought it was only the garden !

    Get well girlie.
    XO T

  2. The secretary is beautiful! The details are to die for. You always find the greatest stuff! Glad to see you are feeling better.

  3. Hi Andie, I am glad you are feeling better. I am amazed at the beautiful pieces you find and the new secretary is gorgeous!

  4. That's a great piece, Andie! So glad you're feeling better. Stay well.

  5. OK you are too good. AND too lucky! That armoire was on Craigs list? Are you serious! The few times I have looked I have found lots of used nails, old tools and beat up Little Tykes toys:) That is SOOO GORGEOUS!!!!! I love how you added the finials and on a sidenote your home is magnificent, you have excellent taste!

  6. PS Happy you are doing better, yes pneumonia really sucks the life out of you, my husband had it in Dec. and it took him about a month to get over!

  7. Hi Andie! Oh, poor little thing! I'm sorry you were so sick. Glad you're up and about now! Sorry about your huge armoire but the piece you bought is gorgeous! Wow, I'm amazed at the things you find. Looks gorgeous.
    Now you are such a little hoot, even with a little brain that was frazzled with fever! :) I love Little Richard's music and a big fan of Tom Jones too! Man, he was a looker. He used to have a weekly tv show and I would watch. He wore his pants soooo tight, I just knew he would pop a seam - but he never did.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. Glad your feeling better Andie!! I LOVED that armoire but your new piece is just as gorgeous!!

  9. You find the best pieces on Craig's List. That piece is magnificent and I love the pieces you are going to add to it. I have had pneumonia in the past three times and it drains you of everything. Glad you are better.

  10. Good to hear you are feeling better; but take care not to over do it. Another great find for you! Isn't is great to have handsome (patient!) husbands;)

  11. You have SUCH an incredible eye for beautiful pieces that command attention (in a good way). I LOVE (not like) your latest purchase and the finials are a royal touch. Also, the candelabra and the settee in the sunroom are gorgeous.


    P.S. Glad you're feeling better!

  12. oh Andie, you make me want to scream when I see these things you find and drag into your most amazing home!! I LOVE it as much as you do for sure!!! I love the interior of it, and I know you could be tempted to paint it...but for now enjoy it. The sunroom is just beautiful too~so what will go above the clock? Some kind of candle sconce?

  13. Oh -can't wait to see it! definitely like the secretary desk more than the armoire. Hubby will learn!
    The good thing about parting with the things we love that don't work is we get to get MORE things we love that DO work! wahoo!!
    Getting packages from ebay (esp from France) is like christmas day -except you already KNOW you'll love it, haha.

  14. Gosh Andie, everything looks utterly amazing!
    I adore your new piece.
    What you find on Craigslist continually astounds me!!!

  15. Andie, the sofa is JUST FINE in front if the window!
    I do that all the time.
    I need to be careful with the rules I pull out of my rear end.....
    I wish you had done a tutorial on how you painted the armoire, the layers of paint and the way you weathered it down, looked so authentic.
    I know you're going to paint this secretary.
    If the finish is what I think it us, (hard to tell in photos), you will be changing it to one of your spactacular creations.
    Glad you feel better.
    I missed your blog.

  16. My favorite piece yet. Your house is looking wonderful;. Richard and Sissy

  17. I am in love with your new secretary-I could sleep with that beauty! I can easily envision a long thin tapestry hanging on the wall above your clock. The cloth would add a lovely texture amidst all the wood. Maybe a flirty tassel hanging from the tapestry too!
    Thanks for sharing.

  18. Amazing pieces,
    Andie in your last post that was talked about the staircase railing? I know that you craved doing something along the way of hiding its tone, well looking at it from the dinning table angle and seeing that the secretary and fabrics on the dinning chairs had this ton of burlaps to it that really helped to blend the railing and tied it all together. Andie it did not look so bad from the room view of seeing more of the tones pulled together, and to paint all that railing and stairwells goodness, what a job, but if anyone would tackle it its a job for you :)
    I thought I painted a lot, but I have found my match. Love the new chandelier choice, your home is a palace of beauty :))

    Have a well week, nice to hear your better and that hubby is on the mend.


  19. Espero que você esteja melhor de sua pneumonia. Se cuide não pegue frio. Sua casa está linda e esses móveis são maravilhosos. Ameis esse armário. Eu vou pintar um que tenho aqui de branco. Agora só penso em pintar tudo de branco. Minha casa é muito escura. Amei essas janelas, lindas.
    Você e seu marido se cuidem, não fazem arte. Tem que cuidar as escadas.
    Tenha uma ótima semana cheia de saúde.

  20. Oh wow, what a lovely secretary. No, I say, do NOT paint it. It is amazing as is. And this is from someone who would paint everything given half a chance. ;^)

  21. Your sun room is fabulous! Dave had our sun room added to the house, against my wishes, and BOY! was I *ever* wrong! It's the room I use most...with the lovely view of the valley, I can sit "too long" and watch eagles soar, cattle graze and my sheep, horses and alpacas wander the pastures. A sun room is a wonderful addition to a home. Yours is decorated beautiful and the hard wood floors are lovely.


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