Sunday, November 9, 2014

Louis XVI Secretary Cupboard Transformation

The Music Room is coming along. 

 I moved the Craigslist secretary in front of the doorway opening between the Music Room and the Family room, then covered the "windows" between the room with tapestry panels.
A new wall between the rooms would have cost over $5,000!  Then there is the issue of permanence.
Most people love open concept homes, so this is a win-win...When we move I can take the "walls" with me and the new owners have an open concept home!
On another day, I will show you the giant Verdure tapestry on the other side of the wall, in the Family Room!

However, today we are concentrating on this...

I love the secretary I found on Craigslist but it had a thick polyurethane finish that depressed me.
I debated a long while as to whether I should paint it...
Some people had very strong objections to painting wood on my Facebook page!
The little girl in me didn't want to offend them.
Then I stood up tall, grabbed my paintbrush and began painting!

*Deep breath*...first brushstrokes are the hardest!

The exterior, painted in one coat of Annie Sloan Old White.

Here it is in its "During" phase.   Interior, including glass shelves, painted with Annie Sloan Aubusson.
Still lots more to do!
I will mix Annie Sloan Clear Wax with Paris Grey and wax the exterior, then  distress it.  Finally, I will add Dark Wax to the carvings...

This is my inspiration piece!

Three more steps...or so...

Wish me luck!




  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. (deleted the other comment, because of a type I couldn't correct)
      Andie, you are so brave for jumping in and doing this! I LOVE how it's turning out so far.

    2. .... geez, typo in the replacement comment, too. :)

  2. I ♥ your inspiration piece! Will be SO interested to see how the dark wax finish changes your gorgeous piece!

  3. EVERYTHING you do is beautiful Andie.

  4. Why didn't my comment publish? Arrrrrg!

    What I said was, it's your piece, agree in the direction you're going. Some pieces shouldn't be painted, but in this case the wood appears to be a knock off of burled? I don't know, that's my impression, and was too shiny, too mass-produced looking? Key is to add depth, and buffed wax. All of your furniture is going to Gracie, anyway, and to none of us, so why would we balk at your choice??

  5. I love it ALLLLLLL. Seriously. The chairs, the secretary and the paint colors.... XOXO

  6. Andie, that is a beauty and can't wait to see the final look.

  7. Andie you are just brilliant and your choices always work out!!

    The Arts by Karena

  8. oh it looks wonderful already -love the blue interior. People who say wood shouldn't be painted should be shot. what a boring world we would live in if all wood was allowed to go unpainted. you're not painting your floors after all!
    So agree on open -concept -hate it! I think flow is important but open is boring and bad. I just wrote something this weekend on facebook too about how glad I was that my kitchen is separate to contain the cooking smells - i got such a backlash of comments and emails saying how wrong I was! I guess I can't have my own opinions ;-)

  9. hi andie,
    I have faith in you as to its turn out....what I see so far is noyhing short of fabulous.
    I would have been one of those facebookers who apposed the others who said dont paint it! I would have been cheering you on as to PAINT IT !!!!

    I can not wait to se it finished. You find the best pieces, I have craigeslist envy.

    Come visit my post, and my latest French wire crowns, seeing you had one in your daughters play room.



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