Monday, August 7, 2017

Delores In the Sunroom

I wanted to move the candlestick on the table a bit more to the left but Delores had other plans.  
Delores was a rescue kitty. The shelter planned to euthanize her because it was claimed she had bitten her owner's child.  
She was extremely frightened in the shelter and bit her handler.
I begged. 
They relented. 
She has never bitten any of us.  
She has a playful nip that many young cats do but she never bites. 

We are so blessed and grateful be a part of her world.  

View of the sunroom from the breakfast room.  
Most everything in this room is from Craigslist, except Delores.  She came from Heaven.  lol  




  1. Had a rescue cat, Lucky, who was expert at the Love Bite !!! Whew. Was careful not to instigate one, but never considered them a 'bite'.

    XO T

  2. This is absolutely WONDERFUL !!! Thank God for people like us, who recognize the value of all life on Earth. Cheers to Delores !!!!! xx's from ME

  3. Hi Andie!
    So happy to see you around blog land.
    What a wonderful thing you did to recue Delores and look... she's so happy with you and just think she almost got put to sleep!
    Keeo well my friend.

  4. Your house looks gorgeous. I so love your d├ęcor, it's so regal !
    I got so involved in Delores I forgot to comment on the loveliness.

  5. Hi Andy!
    So nice to see your post here this evening!
    Your home looks gorgeous..... you have such
    great style.
    Hope this finds you well.

  6. Hey Andie. Heart of gold. Do tell, has the small munchkin grown up yet? Is she just like her mother?

  7. Great story, lovely Sunroom, whenever any of our Fur Babies has acted out with any of our kids or grandkids, the child usually confesses they didn't handle the play responsibly. Sometimes it's difficult to view things from the Animal's viewpoint and sadly too many Humans vilify any acting out as something that requires the Death Sentence for the Animal in question. Not to say there might not be exceptions to that, but mostly and generally either play escalated and over stimulation of both Child and Pet led to a nip or scratch... or an Animal was merely protecting itself or felt threatened by the handling. I'm so glad you have opened your Home to Rescue Pets that otherwise might never have had second chances.

  8. Andie, you are the absolute protector. Thankful for people like you who care enough to make a case for these little ones. Of course Delores feels safe and content in your home which is filled with love and caring souls. Love the views of the sunroom with the sun sparkling and dancing across all those gorgeous finds.

  9. The sunroom looks GLORIOUS, Andie, but I'll be darned if I can find Delores.

    Chalk it up to legal blndness, I guess. (:-?

    I competely agree with all the praise you've received for caring for the animals they way you do. I love them too.

    In my book you qualify as a Saint for doing what you do.

    1. She is a tricky one, for certain. Look on the table, on the Aubusson rug, to the left.

  10. Now don't tell me Andie, that you are growing veggies too.

    Genting Crown


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