Friday, August 12, 2011

Is This Normal?

Sooo....I planted the final boxwood in my parterre today.  I think.  Well, I am waiting on replacements for a few plants that have already passed into the Great Beyond.
Here's the thing, though...  I think I hate my garden.
Maybe after I place the pea gravel I will like it.  I dunno.  Maybe after I plant the yew hedge in the front yard? Maybe when the dead grass grows in?  Maybe it needs more to the design?
Sigh. I am a lunatic.

Is it me? Have you ever completed a project that left you feeling underwhelmed?

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  1. It looks great, Andie!

    You just need to give it time to fill in and
    grow. Then you will love it. You'll see.

    What's not to love? It is Divine.

  2. I love it. I think your garden looks wonderful and agree with Alison~ when it grows in a bit you love it more! Thanks for linking up this week! :)

  3. Andie It will be perfect, I love the design and plantings you've chosen!


    Art by Karena

  4. Your garden looks great! You will love it once it begins to grow. Hope your having a great weekend!
    Angela and Renee

  5. I’m laughing Andie, yes I’ve gone through the same thing! It’s usually after I have spent so much time on one thing and I’ve been starring at it to long. You just need to walk away from your garden for a little bit and you’ll love it again. Your garden is gorgeous and once it starts to grow a little you’ll love it even more. Good for you for such a huge undertaking!

  6. Patients my Dear, Next year it will be Divine, just like you. LOL and Sissy Kisses, Richard at My Old Historic House.

  7. Yes dear Andie, with Gardens this is ALWAYS so, because they are in their infancy and must be allowed the time to fuse with their new surroundings into the most magnificent Natural creation you will ever Dream of! My condolences to those plantings that have gone to the Spirit Garden... that happens a LOT here in the Desert, only the strong survive!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  8. Andie, you’re doing great with that garden. Any garden, like any living thing, needs constant attention. There’s always something to do. A garden that’s complete is a dead garden. And a gardener with nothing else to do is also dead. Gardening is a never-ending job, thank goodness.

  9. Here's a quote for you "It will all be ok in the end...if it's not ok, it's not the end" Anon x Sharon

  10. Andie, sometimes it happens to me with cooking. I find a recipe that looks yummy, I follow the instructions carefully, but the result is disappointing. I have no experience with gardening.
    Regarding you cat, she is the lucky one to be taken into your home. A few Polish words for you, as you requested:
    kitten, kitty = kiciuś
    to purr = mruczeć
    my lovely kitty = mój kochany kotek
    If the need be, put her on skype and I'll talk to her (him?) :-).

  11. "Is it me? Have you ever completed a project that left you feeling underwhelmed?"

    I don't think that I have ever completed a project... period.

  12. Oh, you have a case of "doubt" and not to worry, when things start to fill in, you will have a case of admiration. Are you sure you were not a former Baroness? I love your taste for formal gardens and statuary.
    What about adding a garden statue in the center?

  13. Are you kidding? It is gorgeous. I love your idea of the chips, I will be sure to tell him you said that...LOL

  14. I just read your comment on my blog and answered, but in case you do not read it, here it is “Hi Divine Theatre – welcome to my blog – as I don’t remember seeing you here before. As I mentioned above I was remarking on the sarcastic comment about France from the PRI announcer. I have lived in the US for decades and have encountered many nice and kind persons here, however I have also received hate emails and have almost been run of the road – so I am sensitive to this subject. There is a blog which addresses this a lot better than I could ever do (or has more interest in it than I have) here is the link: Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment.”

    Your garden is very pleasant and well designed. Professional gardeners would be proud of it.

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Andi, Why so sad... These kind of garden projects always leave us wondering why we put so much money and time to create...The garden is as divine as you and oh so French looking, I am in wow of its formal, yet casual attention you gave to its details! In due time you will see the poetry of its beauty take on a growth shape and mature.

    Now girl truly if this were in my yard I would love all that it had to offer me! you did a fabulous job, a sanctuary garden, a story it tells. Take in all its beauty and reward yourself while letting the garden scape speak to you thanking you for the life you gave it :)

    Thank you Andi for your beautiful visits its been to long, and shame on me for not returning sooner!
    I am returning to check in on how Andi's garden scape is taking shape and all you inspire!

    Enjoy its beauty, its thanking you.

    PS. I goofed on the message and had to delete, then left one that would not print, so leaving another one! Wow I hope all the goofs don't print :)

  17. what a beautiful blog, thank you for it

  18. You hate your garden? Are we looking at the same thing! This is most peoples ultimate dream garden!!!!!!!!! It is absolutely fabulous. Love the urn is stunning!

  19. andie it is lovely!

    your thoughts are perfectly normal. being in the business i "see" gardens as they will on your laurels

  20. Don't hate your garden! It's beautiful!!! A dream garden. I agree with whoever said you just need to give it time and let it grow in.


  21. Hi, just found your page b/c I was searching for parterres. It looks amazing. It's probably because you spent so much time looking at it. I feel the same way after I've cooked an elaborate meal. I want it to taste amazing, but I'm underwhelmed because I've been tasting it all along.

    After you get settled into the maintenance, you could develop the surroundings so that you can enjoy it and experience it. Maybe a bench, or a path up to it, or even a tree. Something to bring the garden into your living space.

  22. I think it looks wonderful. BUT I do understand when something does not turn out as you planned, hopefully it will look the way you want when finished. Don't forget that it is not fully grown in also.

  23. I know about being underwhelmed. A LOT of my projects turn out that way. :) But your design looks fab, and maybe it just needs time and some clipping? I don't have a parterre, but my boxwoods near the front steps always look better when trimmed...some in the yard are left in a more natural state, which I like, too. At any rate, I'm impressed at your garden. I know it's a lot of work and money to feel underwhelmed, but you should be proud, because it's gorgeous.


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