Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New Leash On Life! Making a House a Home! Meet Popcorn!

We all know a house without loved ones just isn't a home. I don't know what I would do without the love and affection that pours from my fuzzy friends. They give me more love than I will ever be able to return in a lifetime! They keep me sane in this crazy, crazy world! 
As I prepared this post I initially put a random zipcode into the PetFinder search engine.  Then I saw something that stopped me COLD!

This ...


Popcorn had a rough start, but we are going to make sure that changes! After being thrown from a moving car, Popcorn was brought to one of our foster locations covered in fleas. After a thorough flea bath, skinny little Popcorn was given a bowl of baby food and lots of love. Popcorn enjoys other animals, all the human snuggles he can get and toys of course! Contact us for more information about bringing Popcorn into your family! CONTACT HELPINGPAWSINFO@GMAIL.COM FOR ADOPTION INFORMATION.

More about Popcorn

Up-to-date with routine shots • House trained • Primary colors: Orange or Red, Tabby - Orange or Red • Coat length: Short

I normally choose older pets because they are usually left behind but God wanted you to meet Popcorn! Hold him and his friends in your prayers, please! Don't forget that he is not the only shelter animal who needs your help!  Of the millions of unwanted, abandoned and neglected animals, PetFinder only represents a portion!
Shelters everywhere need volunteers, blankets, towels, newspaper, cat litter, cleaning supplies and money for day to day

We are all so abundantly blessed.  Let's share our good fortune!

With Love and Hope,



  1. Popcorn looks sweet and I don't understand humans being so cruel. I just now fed a new comer to our home that has been making friends with Dylan dog, another kitty. He showed up here a week ago looking rather thin but we'll fix that and he's taking to Dylan nicely, Dylan loves kitties.

  2. Bless you and your big heart. I am a new follower and am happy to have found your blog. I recently took in 2 young kitty's that someone dropped off. One was pregnant so now we have 4! The babies are so sweet and will soon make their world debut on my blog. Stop by to see. Wonderful to meet you.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  3. I miss my kitties SO much..Musetta lived till 20, Marcello died at 17; he was my soul mate cat, I have to admit. He knew my heart and would paw my face lightly if I cried, etc...they've been gone more than six years now and I have not replaced them. Well, I could never replace THEM. I have considered it but haven't done it yet.
    I was dismayed to see a TV show yesterday showing pets for adoption in NYC...they were all 'perfect' bad backgrounds, beautifully groomed, etc. So many sad little animals who aren't quite so manicured need a home!

  4. What a lovely cat!
    So sad how many homeless animanls are out there. One of the reasons i could not go back to working at the animal hospital...I would have ended up with a zoo!!
    But i have to say i found a home for every homeless dog or cat that came to our hospital! Even a 7yr old Manx cat that the hospital said was unadoptable and had been at the hospital for three years. I said before i leave this place to have my baby i will find Manny a home. I found him the perfect family!!
    Pamela xo

  5. Oh Ms. D. You have the biggest heart of all. I hope Popcorn get's a good home soon. I try to do a little, I have been on a list for a awhile to get another Beagle Girl from a Beagle Shelter to keep ms. Sissy Dog company. I love your animal passion and just your passion, all together. Stay You, mu friend. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  6. At the shelter where I volunteer, we always say that orange tabbies have the love gene, they are so friendly and loving! I wish the best forever home for Popcorn! (I had a little foster called Popcorn last year. She was mostly white with a little black!)

  7. Hi Andie! Oh, little Popcorn is adorable. How sweet of you to take in this little tiny one!
    Hope you're doing well.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. you have revealed your soul in adopting the dear miss dutchess and your gentle reminder on my recent post.
    let me say that you moved me and it was the final push i needed to add a homeless dog to it's forever home.
    bless you


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