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I mentioned my darling Daniel several posts ago.  We met on a rescue transport this Summer.  (A rescue transport is a system wherein people volunteer to bring animals to safety by virtue of a series of relays.  For example, a shelter in New Orleans find rescues or adopters in Wisconsin. The volunteers take turns driving the animals 50 to 100 miles at a time until they arrive at their destination.)  The rescue did not have a home for him but they did have a wonderful individual named Nancy who was willing to pay for his veterinary care on the North Side of Chicago.  My job was to bring him to the veterinarian's office.
I peered into his crate. He looked like an old, dirty rag. He was  frightened and tried to make himself look very small. The poor, frail little guy was abandoned by his owner at the age of 14!
The vet's office was closed so I brought the kitty home with me.  He was covered in fleas and so very dirty!  I gave him two showers and, though he did not enjoy them, I could tell he was relieved.  The owner did not tell the shelter what the kitty's name was.  I just called him "Kitty".
Evidently, the fleas had been living under his matted fur for a very long time.  His neck was red and bloody.  He drank so much water that I could hardly keep up with the demand. He would attempt to dip his entire head in the bowl!  The trip was arduous for him, eight hours in the back of a horse trailer, his crate shaking violently the whole time, piled next to frightened, barking dogs of every kind and kitties, like himself. Can you imagine?
I brought him to the vet the next day. He stayed there for ten days total. They diagnosed many physical problems, including dehydration, ear infections, eye infections, hyperthyroidism, and sadly, FIV;  The feline equivalent of HIV in humans.
Nancy had many other pets but was willing to take him, bless her soul.

I decided I needed him.  I named him Daniel, after Daniel of the Lion's Den fame and after my dear brother, who is one of my biggest heroes.
Daniel spends much of his time in the upstairs bathroom.  He cannot come into contact with the other cats, for there is no vaccine for FIV and no cure.   I bring him outdoors when the weather allows, supervised, of course (every step of the way)!

Here is Daniel today!  How he brightens my world!  He eats four to five cans of food a day!  He has put on a great deal of weight and shows no signs of being sick!

To the person who left Daniel at the shelter,

I do not know the reasons you left him, nor do I understand why he was in such poor condition.  All I know is that I thank God every day for Daniel!  He is such a happy little man, content with nothing more than  a soft, clean bed, food and love.  He loves classical music, especially Mozart.  He lays sideways when you pick him up so he can look at your face, he can stay that way for hours.  I am so GRATEFUL he is here.  He is loved and he is safe.  Thank you for Daniel!  I could NOT imagine my life without him. 



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  1. I don’t understand humans not taking care of their furry friends when all they give us is unconditional love. Daniel is a handsome one and very lucky to have found you. Dylan and I have rescued both a dog and a kitty in the last two weeks. People dumping these poor babies off in the woods because they can’t afford them. People, people, people, remember that these pets are domesticated and can’t feed themselves or find water. There are to many dangers out in the woods and packs of coyotes that would just as soon have these precious pets for lunch. Take them to a shelter where they’ll be cared for properly don’t be so cruel as to just dump them somewhere. I spent many days outside trying to get a scarred animal trust up so I could help them. They’re both now safe and in happy homes and being well cared for and mostly loved!


  2. I'm glad you and Daniel found each other. He's a cutie.

  3. Another beautiful creature made by God's hands and loved by your heart. I only wish I could be so good. Love and Sissy Dog kisses. Richard from My Old Historic House

  4. We rescued one dog and 3 cats, in reality they "rescued" us. They are a blessing indeed, filling our home with great joy and often tremendous comic relief! Andie you are a kind soul.

  5. Awww, Andie, you're as much of a Soft Touch with Kitty Fur Babies as I am! All of my Outdoor Cats could use a Bath, but it would be futile since they ADORE rolling in the dusty dirt... especially Morris, he's like Pigpen from the Charlie Brown Cartoon! *LOL* All three came to us as Strays and the Bohemian Cat Boys were actually Ferals who took a LONG time to warm up to Humans and Rusty still just barely tolerates people. Yul is the one I think belonged to someone once upon a time because he has so many domestic Cat qualities and is a gorgeous full blood Siamese and not really Alley Cat like at all... so I figure someone either abandoned him or died and left him an Orphan? Thanks for coming by with encouraging words about my weight gain, it's so depressing because I am more concerned with the health complications from the amount of weight I keep packing on regardless of diet & exercise... so its frustrating as Hell to be working so hard to keep fit & healthy and having my body working against me seemingly at this Season of Life! It probably doesn't help that until I was almost 50 I never had a weight problem at all and was naturally very slender, so I'm no accustomed to what's going on. I will definitely do the Lemon Cleanse you Shared, I have all the ingredients! Dawn... The Bohemian

  6. Thank you for sharing. Beautiful.

  7. I don't understand how people can be so cruel!! I am so glad you found each other! Daniel knows he's loved!

  8. Oh Andie, you are such a precious soul!!!!

  9. Andie, you are Daniel's angel. What a precious face....and those blue eyes. I'm glad Daniel has a home with you. I agree with Terri are a precious soul!!!

  10. Years ago, we lost our beloved Pom Pom to FIV. She was having seizures and refused to adapt to an indoor life. Broke my heart to lose her! We had adopted her from a cat litter at my cousin's house. Pom Pom was only 6.5 weeks old, and our older kitty mothered her.

  11. Pobre gatinho, ainda bem que ele encontrou uma boa pessoa para ajudar. Aqui em casa sempre aparece cães e gatos, eles nos adotam como família. Tenho 5 gatos e 2 cadelas. São muito amigas e carinhosa.
    Tenha uma semana maravilhosa.

  12. How lucky that he found you Andie! I'm always amazed that in spite of all that they go through and suffer, they are very grateful when they are finally in a good home and thriving. They don't bear grudges like us. Daniel is gorgeous and looks very happy! (We have a few abandoned "seniors" at our shelter. I just don't get it. People just toss them out. These animals have given them their best years, they deserve that we give them love and care during their older years.)

  13. Our furry friends are good for the soul.

    The Brazilian woman says you are a good person for helping animals.

    She herself adopts dogs and cats into her home "like family."

    She closed by wishing you a marvelous week.

    It's so cool how a nice subject like this can bring people together from halfway around the world

  14. OK now, don't get too excited, but I added you to my blog list on my blog. Not that you have one. But, I'm nice like that. Why don't you have one?
    You must be too busy feeding all your animals.

  15. What a sweet story Andie~ Daniel is lucky to have found you!

  16. Daniel is lucky to have you. You are so sweet Andie!

  17. Thank God for kind people like you who take care of those less fortunate. Little animals only want love and resuces really seem to understand and are so grateful! Many wonderful years to you, sweet Daniel! Hugs, Leena

  18. He is so sweet. You have a big heart my friend.

  19. Hi Andie! OH, what a sweet story and I'm sure little Daniel (love his name, by the way) is so thankful you brought him in! :) He's a really cute boy! :)
    Nothing like a sweet pet to liven up our homes and lives.
    Thanks for popping in to see me and I'm hoping to see those ornaments on your dirty dishes! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  20. You've got a heart of gold, Andie!
    Welcome to Daniel! Also the blog world will love him!

    Best wishes for a lovely and peaceful 3. Advent Sunday and warmest greetings, karin

  21. Just stumbled on your blog and was delighted by your sense of design - and even more by the fact that you are an animal advocate!- we now live with four cats who "rescued us" by literally showing up at our door (sadly dumped perhaps as there are woods behind our house) Wishing you and Daniel the happiest of New Years!


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