Sunday, December 2, 2012

Bureau Plat Before

I found this Bureau Plat (writing table) on my local Craigslist!  It is six feet long and three feet wide, it is large enough to use as a dining table!
This side is actually false drawers. The true drawers are on the other side.  I have to finish this by Tuesday!  That's when the piano is coming and this room finally has to be cleared out!  I should be ashamed to post this.  Recently, we had movers bring a large piece into our home and one kid was so distraught over seeing the Christ Corpus figure on the floor! I need to find a place for Him. (Not the mover, the statue.)

The entire piece is absolutely dripping in stunning bronze ormolu! I may change out the lions for something more feminine.

The top, however, cannot be redeemed.  The veneer and leather are damaged beyond repair.

This is where you come in!

This vignette, found on pinterest via Moissonnier, just set my imagination spinning!  I discovered (the hard way), while painting another French piece that veneer is easily covered with Annie Sloan paint!

Gracie's dollhouse, another Craigslist find, will sit atop the desk.  It fits perfectly!

I cannot decide what color to paint it!  I asked Gracie and she said "Paris Grey".  The kid has taste!
I am thinking something a bit happier, since it will be in the loft area, where her playroom isWhat do you think?
This bombe, source unknown, is very similar to a washed down Emperor's Silk, by Annie Sloan.

This Annie Sloan paint sample from Ciruelo Interiors, was very helpful!

How about Provence?

(source unknown)

Antique White?

Or do I paint it grey, as Gracie suggested?

I have two days!  Help me decide!

I have had several requests for a tutorial on how to peruse Craigslist.  I am currently writing a blog post, so stay tuned!  All my secrets revealed!  LOL!  I sound like a circus barker!  Step right up!  Step right up!  Prepare to be astounded!  LOL!
I'm done.




  1. Depends on the colors in the surrounding areas. Any color would look good.

  2. I like Versailles with dark wax.

  3. I agree that a happier color would lend itself to a playroom. I also must say that I wishing I was eight years old and your daughter. What a fantasy!!

  4. Andie, It is a gorgeous piece. My favorites are the grey or duck blue.

  5. Well I would love to see this in a pink with dark know, get the emperors silk and add some Old White to keep it vintage, not pure white cuz thats too bright...and then clear and dark wax it and it could be astonishing..if its your first instinct go with! I will be waiting on the craigslist post. the first thing I have to say I thought of was...where does she live that she finds these treasures on CL??

  6. Can't wait to read your Craigslist post. I've never even looked at Craigslist. ;-)
    As for the color, I'm such a black and white fan that I immediately loved the harlequin pattern, but perhaps a color would be best for Gracie.........I vote pink or duck egg blue. ;-)

  7. It is going to be gorgeous! I love pink color but then when I see other colors I love them too. Some of the pictures in this post come from Monssonier, a French furniture making company. Take a look at their web site for more color inspiration:
    I have a pink French desk that I bought in Provence. Here is a picture of it on my blog. The color is a bit off though, it is brighter pink in real
    Cannot wait to see the finished result :)

  8. WOW andie!

    another great find, love the pink tones but anything you chose will be stunning!

  9. What a great piece for you to work your magic on. I am usually a fan of more neutral colours, but a bright fun colour might be perfect in this case! x Sharon

  10. Go with your that blue?! What ever you do will be great!!

  11. For a playroom, I like the Emporer's Silk with 1/2 white. I'd actually like that anywhere since I like pink so much, but I think it's playful and feminine for Gracie. Then again, if you want it to go well with her dollhouse, Paria Grey is my choice as it looks really similar to the roof shingles. A ncie turquoise blue is pretty as well but not white. White doesn't seem to do the details justice. I agree with your son. I saw Jesus laying on the floor and gasped! LOL! Hugs, Leena

  12. Good Morning Andie, Your writing desk is stunning! The detailed bronze ormolu is so beautiful....can you tell I like this piece. I think it is always difficult to offer advice where colour is concerned, but as this piece is for your daughter, Gracie, I would say pink, my second choice would be Paris Grey. Which ever colour you decide to use, I know, with your wonderful talent, this piece is going to look stunning. Have a wonderful day. Best Wishes Daphne

  13. ANDY!!!!! OH DEAR what a find. You have the most DIVINE TASTE! YES! I would say go for the aqua color/Provence. I love the Paris gray but for a splash of color, GO AQUA! Oh dear, your home, it is unbelievable.

    THANK YOU for coming to my off-beat post; Cuban Sugar is a great way to swing through the holidays!

    OH....I still have your specs on my list for the paintings. I have not forgotten! I have to get a paper wedding dress done for a shop window by the end of the month. I will get back to you!

    Merci beaucoup! Anita

  14. Don't listen to Amy!!!
    If she had her way the streets would be painted PINK!
    I like the picture of the Provence dresser.
    My opinion is the only one that matters!!!!
    Where the $&@ do you find such great stuff on Craigeslist?
    Amy and I would be in heaven if we could find stuff like that!
    I am helping my niece with her living room, and inspired by you.....I have furnished a large part from Craigeslist.

  15. Listen to Gracie! And, paint the drawer fronts with a harlequin pattern in colors that you, and Gracie, pick.

    This is another fantastic find, oh yes!

  16. I'm not the best person to answer your question on color since I would go orange because it's my favorite color. Fabulous desk but don't paint it a pink color because it'll fight color wise with the dollhouse, which is wonderful. I would stay with a neutral color as Gracie suggested, the kid has wonderful taste!


  17. I like the Emperor's Silk 1/2 old white. Grey is too old a color for a child's playroom. If she has an adversion to pink ... try Provence.

    I'd like to ask you a question about how do you use Annie Sloan on worn out veneer? How do you prepare the veneer to receive the paint?

    I love all that you do to decorate your your love of animals...and you must have a magic touch in finding such georgeous pieces on Craig's List. Please wrap the Christos in a blanket before storing it so no damage is added...wonder how you are going to use it? Warm regards, Mary @

  18. I am partial to white or Provence.

  19. love it in a beautiful gray or french navy blue.

  20. look at this desk
    it is like yours but beautifully polished, i think this is the best option :)


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