Saturday, November 23, 2013

Three Cheers For Chairs! Chair a Go-Go! Chair O Rama!

More Chairs!


Fifteen dollars each.

That's why!


Schumacher /Waverly La Belle Campagne toile in Wedgewood.


Comfy breakfast table chairs!

Like these...

Because I don't have 5,792 other projects to work on...




  1. Oh I just love the curves on these lovely ladies!
    Great find Andie. Can't wait to see them all dressed up.

  2. Andie, These chairs will be gorgeous recovered! I have been looking for something similar for our dining table but so far I haven't found them at a reasonable price. Great find.

  3. From craigslist? These chairs are AMAZING! I can't believe they were only $15 - I would have snapped them up too and found a spot for them immediately. Don't forget to share the after with us!

  4. Andie,
    They will indeed be cozy and look fab. Still don't understand your luck with craigslist ... Nothing ever discovered here. You are one lucky creative girl.

  5. LOVE the print you chose, as well as where you plan to place them. Awesome score! XOXO

  6. Those are beautiful and I can only imagine them done....bravo, they are going to be STUNNING!

  7. They are great, where oh where did you find them?

  8. Nice chairs, Andie, and the PRICE -- well they practically GAVE them away, didn't they? ;-)

    The legs look as though they'd benefit from refinishing. Even a flat black would be preferable to what-looks-like taffy-tan to me. Also, they look more like fireside chairs or chairs you might want to use to complement a sofa with a beautiful tripod piecrust tilt top tea table in the middle of the group than DINING chairs.

    I don't really understand why anyone would want fully upholstered chairs near a dining table -- unless they were done in leather, which I doubt you'd like. What about coffee, tea, soup, gravy, ketchup, mustard, etc.?

    Shouldn't one be practical as well as elegant?

    And I REPEAT: Isn't it time you opened your own shop or online antiques and furniture business? There really are many advantages to that -- some of them even financial. ;-)

    1. PS: I hope you've found a great discount fabric house in your neighborhood -- or online? Schumacher and other good "name" fabrics at retail can run very high. Do you do your own upholstering, or do you send it out? That too can be very costly. I've always been lucky and have been able to find young grass widows with a toddler or two -- or an elderly, semi-retired gent -- who are willing to work out of their garage, shed or basement at cut rate prices. I have no shame when it comes to saving money. It's much more fun if it looks like it costs a million, when you know you've been able to do it for next-to-nothing. I love to mix fakes with genuine antiques too as long as they look good together. It's fun to see if anyone notices too? ;-)

  9. Andie, these are fabulous! I love the shape and the legs are perfect! These will be so nice and comfy for morning coffee! Hugs, Leena

  10. You Crack me up... and are just about the only person I know that has more Projects stacking up than me! *Winks* But at least you get around to most of yours... the majority of mine are just stalled out right about now! So many Projects, so little Time... I'll have to become an Immortal to get 'em all done now! *Le Sigh*

    Happy Thanksgiving from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  11. Helo, I love your furniture.
    Eu amei seus móveis, essas poltronas lindas e a cor belíssima.
    Que sonho essas sala de jantar. Aqui em nossa casa, eu estou pintando todos os móveis, colocando cores fortes. Ameis esse amarelo, me deste uma dica preciosa.
    Bjos e tenha uma ótima semana.

  12. $15 each??? Seriously? Awesome finds, Andie! Such beautiful form, and I love the slender legs with fluting.
    Have a wonderful and warm Thanksgiving!

  13. Andie, those 2 chairs are fabulous...great bones! sigh. I am emotionally incapable of passing by furniture with great bones and I have too much furniture as it is.

  14. I liked the chair and you make this more beautiful. Thanks for the sharing. Interior design ideas


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