Thursday, December 11, 2014

Crowning Touch!

Our front entry is actually a hallway.  When we were house hunting, a huge entry was on my list but the houses with huge entryways were short on other details that we I desired.  In the end, a big kitchen won out over a huge entry!
The battle to design the entry is ongoing, as you well know.

I recently came upon a stunning pair of Louis XV fauteuils with chocolate colored velvet upholstery on Craigslist for a steal!

They truly complete this vignette!
The awkward wall angle makes it difficult to get a perfect photograph!

The gold coronas in my Craigslist urns are the crowning glory!

I found the crowns on one of my favorite sites, The Kings Bay.  They also sell on ebay as purblebombauctions.  
The crowns are made to hang from the ceiling and have clips to hold photos and mementos below.

However, I only saw this...a golden crown on par with those I covet from Tara Shaw, though at prices that would allow me to stay married!

I never thought I would see the day that I was actually happy with the entryway!

I absolutely love this composition!  The chocolate brown of the upholstery is very soothing against the grey and gold, as well as the aged silver patina of the urns. The deep, rich brown brings out the rust tones in the aged iron urns.   

I feel as if my decorating has evolved since I started this blog, thanks to the inspiration and valuable input I receive from my blogmates. I have learned so much on this journey!

Thanks to all of you for helping me to make my house a home!

Your friendship is truly the crowning touch!


  1. Gorgeous, Andie. I am so in love with those chairs.

  2. Those fauteuil (pronounced "foe-TOY" in case anyone is wondering ;-) are some of your best "finds" yet, Andie. What a clever use for those crowns! I love the way you add whimsical touches like that. They make your place truly original. They way you combine formal antique and quasi-antiigue objects is truly distinguished. A glorious amount of rich and varied detail, but it never seems ill-cordinated or over done.


    I hope you will permit us soon to see your tree?

  3. You are the crowning touch! I'm amazed at how effortlessly you pull together such original, distinctive looks. It's such fun to follow along with all your projects.

  4. Aaarrrggghhh!
    I hate when I get cut off!
    What I was saying was......
    I can't believe you designed a vi

  5. Oy vey! It did it again! One more try, then I give up. I can't believe you designed a vignette without any angels!!!
    My little Jewish heart is sll aflutter

  6. That's it, I'm done, it didn't allow me to correct

    To correct the eord all, or add my

  8. Replies
    1. Betsy, you might want to try writing your responses in a Word program. Edit and make corrections there, then Copy and Paste to this or any other blog. A little extra trouble, but usually worth it. Try it, you might like it. ;-)

  9. Stunning!!

  10. I enjoy everything you find and then what you do to the item
    Just wish I lived in your area of finding all your fabulous big items

  11. Just so beautiful Andie, and love your marriage reference :)

    You always design around a grand scale of wow-ness!

    À Joyeux Noël


    You must Côme visit my new French Opera Theatre I built, your crowns would look great in my setting adding a royal touch in my latest post.



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