Monday, December 15, 2014


Milagro's Story...

This Summer, Gracie, Napoleon our Puggle and Tallulah our English Bulldog and I were driving behind a car that was going 25mph in a 55mph zone on a road leading out of the city into the country.

 I put my blinker on and tried to go around the slow driver. He sped up and matched my speed. I tried to meet the driver's eyes and I realized he was laughing

It was so frightening! I didn't know what to do! We were fast approaching a car coming in the other direction.  There was traffic behind his vehicle and there was no shoulder to pull over onto.

Out of nowhere, a small brown fox sprinted into the road, passed in front of the car we were attempting to pass and directly in front of my car.

 He looked me right in the eyes.

 I slammed on my brakes as hard as I could but I still hit the little angel. I looked up and the car coming toward us did not realize were were going in the opposite direction. 

He had just enough time to swerve around.

I was heartbroken. We parked on the side of the road and walked over to the broken body of the fox and cried over the beautiful life that had just been extinguished...and cried and cried.

Days later, I was about to drift off to sleep when I awoke with a start.

 That fox looked at me. I know it. I saw his eyes. Wild and feral animals do not make eye contact with humans. 

Also, he was running through an empty field at the speed of light, like the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland, as if he were late for something.

Foxes are typically nocturnal hunters.

Why was he running so fast?  Where was he going?

It may sound crazy but I truly believe that little brown fox saved our lives that day by sacrificing his own

If he had not run in front of our car, forcing me to slam on the brakes, I am certain we would have hit the oncoming vehicle.

 We named him Milagro, it means miracle.

We have also built a garden in his honor.  I will share photos soon.

Thank you, Milagro.  I will never forget you.




  1. Andie , it was God using that fox to save you and yours. Now the fox is in a better place.

  2. Andie what a story and I believe the same thing is true! I look forward to your garden tribute to Milagro!

    The Arts by Karena

  3. angels sometimes come in unexpected forms! he saved you!

    1. Egg-ZACK-Lee!!! You took the thought right out of my head.

  4. Andie, if you haven't found it yet, there's a wonderful book called Kinship with All Life by James Allen Boone that I know you would love.

    All I can say is "God works in mysterious ways His wonders to perform." That dear little fox may very well have BEEN one of God's angels sent to help you, just as the maddeningly perverse driver of the car ahead of you may have been a demon sent to tempt and test you.

    We may never know that for a "fact," but cultivating the belief that God is always with us ready to help and protect us never fails to help give courage and alleviate anxiety. So I say it must be true.

    Your motto from Oscar Wilde "Illusion is the first of all pleasures" may be true, but I take it a step farther and say:

    The mind of the dreamer
    _____ is a secret storehouse
    __________wherein may dwell
    _______________ all youthful fond illusion ––
    The embryo of each utterance of hope ––
    _____ each word of comfort ––
    __________ and each song of joy.

    The mind of the cynic
    _____ is a well-known asylum
    __________ wherein lies disenchantment ––
    _______________ destruction and despair ––
    The insidious, lisping voice of the serpent.

    O, foolish Man! Why choose strife,
    _____ when only what you choose to dwell upon
    __________ has life?

    ~ FreeThinke (c. 1960)

    God bless you, Andie, and a Merry Christmas, to you and Gracie and Handsome Husband, and all your animal friends.

  5. Oh Andie, I am so sorry. I know how bad you were hurt by hitting the fox. Love and hugs to you and your family and pets this Christmas. There just has to be a greater power somewhere out there. I hope I can go there someday to be with all the animals.

    1. What a beautiful place it will be, with our beloved pets waiting!

      Merry Christmas, Donna!


    2. Such a sweet story. I have tears in my eyes for that little fox, and am so happy that he was there to save your life. Things happen for a reason, and sometimes in such strange ways.Thanks for sharing. love hearing stories like this...

  6. I believe the little fox was an angel also. Don't you feel sort of special knowing God's angel helped you?
    Wonderful story for us all to read

  7. Angels come in all shapes and sizes. What a wonderful story.

  8. Que los Milagros no se paren y que Dios nos Bendiga!

  9. Beautiful andie, miracles abound
    Merry Christmas and happy birthday

  10. I have one mundane question for you, Andie.

    What did you use to make such realistic looking snow under that glass dome?


  11. Olá
    Quero te desejar um feliz Natal e que seu novo ano seja de muitas alegrias e felicidades.

  12. Andie,
    Thank you for stopping by my blog site today.

    May your Christmas be wonderful and blessings for 2015, too.

  13. Andie,
    I'm so glad you all are okay. Thank you for sharing that touching story. I DO believe in miracles! Merry Christmas!! I'm just waiting for my family to arrive....
    Warm greetings,

  14. Andie, I'm happy to know you and Gracie and the pups are safe. It is a touching story. Yes, I believe in angels too.
    Merry Christmas to you, sweet friend.

  15. How frightening! That little fox was certainly sent to save you! He was a little angel, a saving grace. Thank God! Hugs, Leena


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