Saturday, May 28, 2016

All Grown Up!

I trimmed the parterre yesterday.  It is not quite finished.  I still need to attend to details and add more pea gravel.  

This is the parterre when it was born; Before we added concrete curbing, pea gravel, the large angel statue, yew hedges at the street and Cleveland Pears behind it, with a Limelight Hydrangea hedge directly in front of the Cleveland Pear Trees, as well as a ten foot privet hedge. 
I thought it looked pretty good then.  LOL!  
500 boxwood shrubs.  
What was I thinking? 

Here is the parterre on its second year of growth.  The neighbor's houses and swing set are now barely visible, thanks to the trees and hedges we planted!

The parterre is situated on an incline in our front yard, to allow for proper drainage.  I allowed the boxwood at the base of the incline to grow higher so the parterre is level with the horizon. It looks as if it is not on a hill at all. 
There is lavender planted in the circles at each end of the parterre. (The other end is not visible in this photo).  The scent of boxwood and lavender is like HEAVEN! 
I trimmed the lilac standards, as well.  They must be trimmed immediately after their blooms fade, as they set their flowers at that time. If you trim too late it will not flower the next year. 

Too tired to take more photos and I have sunburn on my sunburn.  LOL! 

The gardeners in magazines always look so dignified, so proper, so clean
At the end of my gardening day, I always look like I wrestled a pig in mud. 
I suspect they are doing it wrong.  




  1. Andie, I've followed the prograss of this parterre from the beginning. I love seeing the photos of the different stages. You have great vision and you did it! Everything looks fabulous. I know how much time is involved creating such a garden, then lovingly caring for it through season after season. The boxwoods have filled in perfectly, and you've trimmed them to perfection as well. What an amazing garden, my friend!

  2. The parterre has matured beautifully, Andie. Besides being perfectly beautiful, it's truly impressive.

    I was impressed too with the success you've had in getting the house to be covered so beautifully with vines.

    I can 't understand how you are able to accomplish so much all by yourself. It's astonishing.

    Please tell us how your neighbors have responded to your spectacular efforts. I hope they appreciate the way you have enhanced THEIR property values.



  4. Andie, what a wonderful job; the concrete framed it perfectly. Edna St. Vincent Millay was a avid gardener at the beloved Steeplechase Farm in NY; she even used to garden in the nude. She was one of a kind and famous for her quote, "my candle burns at both ends." Hurray for Andie, sweet girl.

  5. Everything is beautiful, simply BEAUTIFUL!

  6. It is magnificent! What a clear vision you must have had to bring it to this beautiful fruition. Congrats!
    And no matter what other gardeners look're doing it right!!

  7. Oh my goodness that is lovely! Well worth the time and effort!

  8. This is so beautiful and amazing that not only did you plan this. You also executed it. Great job and thanks for sharing.

  9. Andie, I don't know why you've been on permanent moderation ever since you returned from your several months' absence, but I have to tell you it's very frustrating when you don't permit ANY comments to appear for days and days on end. I can't think why you'd want to discourage your friends and admirers from commenting, but that is EXACTLY what is happening.

    I'm sorry if you've been attacked and harassed by trolls. They are, indeed, the bane of the blogosphere, BUT when you block ALL comments ALL the time, don't you realize you've handed a victory to your enemies?

    I love what you do with your "estate," but if you don't INTERACT with your readers once in a while, and allow our always-friendly and appreciative comments to appear, your blog will surely die.

    Why even HAVE a comments section, if you're not able to monitor it?

    1. I have had some pretty ferocious "spam". I will share with you. My apologies. I had houseguests and now my daughter is ill.
      I understand and agree with your point.

    2. So sorry to hear about Gracie's being ill, but awfully glad you touched base with us at last.

      I had two sets of house guests, myself, who took up most of the month of April. They left me exhausted. And then I started to remodel the master bathroom "to suit my changing needs" in May. That renovation was supposed to take no more than two weeks, and it is is STILL going on.

      Ninety percent finished, but they just will NOT return to dot the final it's and cross the final t's.

      I'm going to have to fire them today, and find some handyman outfit who will tie up the loose ends.

      This was not a "romantic" renovation. I was highly utilitarian and involved the installation of a huge walk-in tub.

      Meanwhile, the whole house remains torn up. To say it's been getting on my nerves is the understatement of the decade. ;-) Unlike you I am past the age where I have lots of patience –– and stamina

      You still have my gmail address, don't you? I'd love to hear from you, Andie.

  10. Oh Andie this has matured into a Divine Creation, Bravo! Has it been that long, I remember when it was born! *smiles* How time flies. And yes, they must be doing it wrong! I never come in from Gardening looking dignified, proper or clean! Congrats on the success and patience required to have the Vision Mature! Dawn... The Bohemian

  11. I keep thinking about your shrubbery getting tall and thick enough that you can garden in the alltogether!!!! I have some privacy and ran out nekkid a few times to gather lavender, but now the hedge is gone and so is my privacy.Your parterre is getting beautiful and everything is coming together to make your vision come true. That is so great, given the numbers of dreams in this world that never materialize. Keep it up and make sure your tan is even where it counts....wear a bikini!!!LOL
    You make me feel as if i, too, could have my own divine theatre home. Thank you for sharing your beautiful life...and never mind the people who feel the need to lecture you and make you "do right."

  12. You are simply amazing and I admire how you create beauty where beauty did no existed before.


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