Thursday, May 19, 2016

Summer In The Entry!

I hope this post finds you in good health and good spirits, friends!

The front entry has been the bane of my existence. 
 You know this.  It has gone through many incarnations.  The thing is...and here's the is a very narrow hallway with asymmetrical everything!  That's why I cannot get good photos.  Well, that and I am a terrible photographer. 
The angles are all cattywampus. The opening into the library is not symmetrical to the entry hall.  The front door is also off balance.  Plus, plus, the ceiling is eighteen feet tall guessed it...asymmetrical. 

 It's as if Miss Jone's Second Grade class, at the Dr. Seuss Academy For Young Architects, drew up the blueprints for the place.   

Architectural ANARCHY! 

When I take photos, I must basically execute strenuous Ashtanga yoga poses, skills honed from years of attempting to document my failures at perfecting this entry.  
Until now...

Ladies and Gentlemen...

I bring you...
The final manifestation of the front hallway...for forever and ever.  
I will always be happy with this and it will never change! 

The sheer epic-ness is difficult to photograph.  The cabinet is seven feet long and three feet tall! The shell-filled urn is almost three feet tall!

Sunlight steals the show! It's as if God, Himself, reached down and declared this to be the personification of beauty and, yes, symmetry. 
And, because I went through all the trouble and it doesn't show, I am pointing out the brown sea fan at the back of the urn.  Squint a little.  See?  Perfection! 

Ever have a life changing epiphany?  Me neither.  But this is close.  It's as if, from here on in, everything is looking up!  The stars have all aligned, I have conquered the front entry...and life is GOOD. 

You may recall the pair of urns from Craigslist.  I think they were $30 for the pair!  The plinths are also Craigslist purchases, which I painted with Annie Sloan's Graphite and Dark Wax.  They are drum tables from the 1970's. 
The clam shell and coral are actually imitations, made from plastic!  I found them several years ago, at HomeGoods!

Sharing a sneak peek of the library changes! 

I will share more soon!




  1. Everything looks so good! Seriously girl, submit your pictures to Veranda, Country living, and some of the other ones. You need it to be in a magazine. It looks so good! Meranda

  2. Well done but I do not believe for a second that you won't change it. MB

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I see you know our Andie very well, MaryBeth. She's a real dynamo. ;-)

  3. Wow, amazing! Sooo elegant and sophisticated you are! As I crawled down admiring all your fabulous images, I said t myself: Andie has a very unique, elegant, sophisticated very European style and yes, I could easily live at her house. Yes, I can, I totally love that "Baroque Renaissance" style, European at it's best.
    Thanks for sharing and congrats on all the awesome things you seem to find at Crag's List.

  4. Beautiful, Andie! The urns are fabulous and what a deal you got.

  5. OMG I must visit more often for overdoses of Perfection and Classy Decorating Inspiration! I have yet to put anything significantly visual in my Entryway at the New Home... you have duly Inspired me with this incarnation! Thank You... Dawn... The Bohemian


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