Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Puddle-Free Puddles!

I love the look of puddled drapes but there is a certain cat who lives here who thinks puddled drapes have a different meaning.  I will not name names.  

I had to throw the drapes away, sadly.  

However, I could not keep the new drapes laying over chair backs forever. 

I devised a plot.

Beautifully puddled drapes!

Look closer...I pinned the drapes up so they are about an inch above the floor...I intentionally spaced the pins far apart so they droop between the pinned spots...
and this is where the magic comes in!

18 gauge wire.  I used copper, so it won't rust. I tripled it for more strength, then ran it along the bottom, bent it in toward the back at the ends to secure it, (pinching it closed) then "waved" it to mimic the look of puddled drapes...for my drapes I used four feet of wire, (tripled, just wound three lengths and looped at the ends, so as not to poke drape fabric), so the drapes would be wider at the bottom. Without the wire, the drapes would hang straight down. 
These drapes are lined and interlined, so they have body and fullness.  If yours aren't, just place crumpled tissue paper or paper towels into the "hemmed" area. 

This way I get to keep the drapes and the kitty!  lol  This is also beneficial to those with children or husbands who may accidentally step on puddled drapes. 

The illusion is enough to make me happy. 

I feel like an evil scientist but in a good way.  




  1. Ingenious! (I THINK that's the word I want.....)

    1. Thanks, Rebecca! lol I am pretty smug over this! Hahaha!

  2. Andie, you are a truly brilliant stategist, as well as a high creative aesthetician. .

  3. Pure Genius! Maybe this should be Patented? *winks* Dawn... The Bohemian

  4. Sunday, April 16, 2017

    _______ HIS CRUCIFIXION ______

    He was a man who came to show the way.
    It never was for him an easy task.
    Sadly, politicians of His day
    Cruelly sought His death. They’d never ask
    Revealing questions in pursuit of Truth.
    Undermining good they sought to hold
    Crookedly to Power. Their uncouth
    Initiatives to godliness were cold.
    Freedom from corruption causes fear
    In those who by coercion seek to rule.
    Xiphoid, ego kills what should endear,
    Instead of letting Self die to renewal.
    On tiptoe oft we creep and hold our breath,
    Not challenging the ones who cause His death.

    ________ CHRIST IS ARISEN _______

    Cold He lay behind the heavy stone,
    Hidden there with broken hands and feet.
    Ruthless powers crushed His flesh and bone.
    It looked to be the ultimate defeat.
    Sadly, in the dawn Saint Mary’s three
    Trudged toward the tomb wherein He lay.
    Instead of death, an angel helped them see,
    Startled, that the stone was rolled away!
    A risen Jesus stood! He still drew breath!
    Radiance around Him warmed the air.
    In banks of lilies sweet we now see death
    Stripped of terror. Life, eternal, fair,
    Enjoins us all to claim His victory.
    Naught could stop us save our vanity.

    ~ FreeThinke- The Sandpiper

    Happy Easter!!!

  5. I hope everyone has a very happy day today –– the blessed anniversary of Our Lord's Triumph over Death.

    May the GLORY and the JOY of Easter touch your heart, give yiu imitless inspration as it renews your vitality and faith in life.

  6. Pure Genius! Maybe this should be Patented? *winks* Dawn... The Bohemian

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  7. Cold He lay behind the heavy stone,
    Hidden there with broken hands and feet.



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