Saturday, April 8, 2017

Spring In the Dining Room!

Spent a few days brightening up the joint in preparation for Spring celebrations!  

Tea cups on the buffet! 

I was looking for a place to store them until the tea party but they are too pretty to hide!  The perfect touch of Spring! 

Flowers every color of the rainbow!  

Pussy willow branches adorned with glass eggs, hung by pastel velvet ribbon.

This secretary will never be finished.  lol  
I added birds and garlands.  

I am not very good at photographing in bright light.  This is really very pretty in "real life". lol  

The glass eggs look almost like dewdrops.  

Hallway by the back stairs with topiary bunny resting up for the big day!  

It is a beautiful Spring day!  Soon the gardens will beckon!



  1. The pussy willows in the silver wine cooler are perfectly beautiful, Andie. Adding the glass eggs was a stroke of genius. I haven't seen pussy willows in many years. They don't grwo where I live now Neither do bittersweet, Silver Dollars, or Japanese lanterns –– all favorite things from my yung years.

    My mother always gathered pussywillows every spring, but we never had such a magnificent display as yours.

    About the secretary: I lovet he addtion of the birds with the garland, now may I please suggest adding French Rococo-style brass pulls on the drawers, and somestylish representation of a gilded urn filled with flowers in each panel –– maybe you could find just the right stencil, and do it yourself? Then, possibly add an antque gold finish to the finials? It would give the piece a more finished look, –– but maybe you don't really WANT to hinish it? ;-)

    It's always good to have a work-in-progress aroud the house.

    By the way, how is your rectangular water feature coming along? I thought that was a very exciting project. Were you ever able to waterroof it to your satisfaction? I know it will be lovely once you get it placed and surrounded by boxwood –– or whatever plantings you choose.

    At any rate please keep us informed. We see too little of you.

    Hope all is well, with you and your family, and that you all enjoy a wonderful Easter celebration.

    1. I will never be done. It is my nemesis. lol
      The pond will be done this Spring. I promise to share.


  2. Now, since it's nearly Easter, and you obviously love bunnies, I thought you might enjoy this poem:

    ________ Sometimes a March Hare ________

    Traipsing through the meadows fields and glens
    Harvey-like, this happiest of hares
    Enjoys the fame he owns, It’s linked with hens.
    Easter’s oval gems, his brightest wares,
    Astonish children with their vivid hues.
    Specimens by jeweler Fabergé,
    Those tiny triumphs of elitist views,
    Enchant adults, but no real warmth convey.
    Richer is the creature with long ears,
    Belov’d by little children far and wide.
    Unseen, some say unreal, his presence cheers
    Nonetheless. His charm can’t be denied.
    Nourishing the need for joy and wonder
    Yields confidence unshaken e’en by thunder.

    ~ FreeThinke - The Sandpiper - Spring 1996

    Now, if you read the first letter of each line down from the top, you will find a pleasant surprise. Gracie might get a kick out of this one.- FT

    1. I wish you would print a book of your poetry, my friend. I am always enchanted...but it would be so nice to have a book next to the bed.

  3. Very Elegant! Dawn... The Bohemian

    1. Love you, girlie! Thank you for always stopping by, even when I have been remiss.


  4. Happy Resurrection and Spring to you, Andie. Your home is beautiful, the touches perfect and show love everywhere the eye rests.

    1. Thank you, Sandra! Blessings to you and yours, my friend!

  5. It's always a treat to tour your home Andie. Hope your spring is the best ever.

  6. Olá, tudo bem?
    Amei as xícaras. Tudo lindo e inspirador. Me deste inspiração para começar arrumar a casa. Vou pintar uma cômoda hoje.
    Bjos tenha uma ótima semana.


    1. Meu caro amigo,
      Estou sempre tão feliz em vê-lo! Orando pelas Bênçãos de Páscoa para você e sua família.

  7. Hello A-again just an elegant warm home. It's funny that you have the 4 laurel leave wreaths on the wall because I was looking for them online.
    Would you mind letting me know where you purchased them and what they are made from.

    1. Jean, they are curtain tiebacks. I found them on ebay a few years ago! If I run across anything like them I will let you know!


  8. I love hearing what you have to say!

  9. Cold He lay behind the heavy stone,
    Hidden there with broken hands and feet.



I love hearing what you have to say!


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