Friday, March 4, 2011

Skip To My Ormolu!

I just came back from a treasure hunt in the garage and look what I found!  I think I have all I need for my bed project!  I bought all this bronze ormolu on ebay several years ago and forgot about it!

This is my favorite.  It is about 12" wide and long.  I think with a crown above it, it would be perfect for the headboard!

Close-up.  These are about 6" long.

Very large drawer pulls...9" long.  If I remove the pull it would look lovely mounted...somewhere!

I have two of these, about 10" long.  Unfortunately, they both face the same direction.

I love these classic French ormolu! They are 9" long... I can use them just about anywhere!

These ormolu are about 12" long.  Can you see the musical instruments?

Sorry for the poor quality.  I love a good cartouche, though.  How about you?  These are each approximately 6" wide and 4" tall!  They, too, could go anywhere!

A closer look...

I just LOVE these lions!  About 20" long...where can they go?

These gryphons need a place to go.  Hm.  They are 12" long and 6" wide.  Maybe I could make a large trumeau mirror?

I have three of these.  they are actually doorknob plate thingies.  About 12" tall.  What could I use them for, I wonder?

Close-up of the cherub detail...

I have soooo many more but I ran out of light to photograph them. Door knobs and pulls, many, many backplates, lion heads with rings... I suppose I could use my big girl camera instead of my cellphone.
Maybe tomorrow!

So, any ideas on how to use these?


  1. Ya know, I think I have some ormolu sitting around in my garage--ha, yeah, right! These are such pretty and interesting pieces, I can't believe you forgot about them. Your bedroom is going to look stunning, Andrea, I can't wait to see how you use them.

  2. Andrea can I go treasure hunting in your garage? I like those drawer pulls. Your bedroom is going to look beautiful when its finished! Mary

  3. Wow what a collection you have!!! Gosh they would be so neat on any piece of furniture. I am not the brightest when it comes to unique ideas but am sure you will have lots of brilliant comments as to how to cleverly use these pretties!

    bee blessed

  4. You are going to make the most gorgeous bed!

  5. These are GORgeous! You are so lucky to have these! I think a bed would be a great place to use these, or around a mantle fireplace surround, or on a large plain old wooden box, or? They are fantastic!
    RE: Your post this morning....
    Yes, I do know of the old McCormick mansion but have never been there. Many of the McCormick's had homes here in my small town. Would love to go and see the place. Thanks for reminding me! Oops. Got a little off track there. Sorry!
    Love the ormulu collection.

  6. Andy you amaze me- what you come up with..! love all the ormolu, so what is next to discover?...but then you do admit to be forgetful ha ha ( in your profile..)
    have you received your "tapestries" yet? please share if so?
    Colx ~Afrique du Sud

  7. I want to go shopping in your garage! These are all fabulous and I know you will do something wonderful with them.

  8. wow, those are great pieces! I can't wait to see how you use them!!

  9. The ormolu's are great! I know you will do something wonderful with them!
    Hugs, Cindy

  10. That a Girl. Now we are talking a bed that deserves to be in your guest room. Have a wonderfull weekend. Richard at My Old Historic House

  11. I've done that, its such a nice surprise to find hidden treasures you have forgotten about! Like finding a $20 bill in a pocket of your coat from last year.

  12. Ok, that's it! I am just going to go shopping in your garage! These are all gorgeous!!

  13. What fantastic fabulous treasures you have!!!! LOVE them and can't wait to see what you do with them!! :)

  14. I can't wait to see the end result! You're very creative!! I would have never forgot that purchase though! Beautiful pieces!

  15. I'm so jealous of all those great pieces!!
    I would be puttin' that stuff on everything!

  16. Wow what wonderful finds you have, I would do anything to have them, well almost anything (laugh). I cannot wait to see what you do with them. Thank you as well for becoming my newest follower, I am now your newest follower as well. Have a wonderful day and again thanks for sharing.

    The Gilded Cherub


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