Saturday, November 19, 2011

Angel Wing Tutorial

I have always loved the look of antique, carved and gilded angel wings.  I have photos from magazines that are over 15 years old, even before they became trendy!

The cost was prohibitive, to say the least.  The price of large antique wings hovered near $2,000 and up...waaaaay up!
While perusing ebay a fews years back I entered large gold wings into the search engine...finally!  A pair of wings I could afford...with a hitch...
I used a pair of adult size plastic angel wings.  I purchased mine from Sun Dog Imports on ebay several years ago for about $15.  Each is 33" tall x 13" wide.  They are very, very lightweight plastic.  There was no way to hang them.  Even if could hang them they would have gone all cattywampus because they are so flimsy.  I decided to use cotton quilt batting to line the insides. It made the wings more sturdy and opaque. I layered the batting with Tacky Glue until I felt like they were sturdy enough.  Be certain to line every inch!  I used lots of glue!  Almost two 16oz bottles! What I really like about these wings is the convex shape.  I considered using them as a mold for papier mache but decided against it for now.  I have another (white) pair in the basement that I might attempt use in that fashion.
*Please note the Kravet Starburst fabric I recently purched from a lovely woman named Edwina on Craigslist.  Her house is so beautiful I didn't want to leave!

When the glue dried...I gave it two days, I secured wooden dowels with glue.  You can see that I made a "T" shape near the top and glued a shorter dowel on the wing's edge. (I hope this makes sense!) This helped make them much more sturdy.

When the glue holding the dowels in place dried I turned the wing over and gave it a thick coat of Annie Sloan Dark Wax.  I allowed the wax to dry, then used picture wire (wrapped around the "T" of the dowels) to form a hanging loop.

The wings are still very lightweight but now they are sturdy.

If I wasn't clear enough just send an email and I will try to clarify my instructions.  
I am currently on the lookout for a cardboard refrigerator box to make a ginormous pair of angel wings!


  1. I know what you mean about the price of angel wings...expensive! You are so cleaver in everything you do and I love the fact you make everything work!

    Enjoy your Sunday Andie!

  2. Another wild and amazing transformation. Not better household to have Angel wings than yours. Best Thanksgiving wishes from my blog to yours. Richard and Sissy Dog at My Old Historic House. Sissy has wings, but no one can really see them, but I assure you they are there. She is truly sent to me from Heaven.

  3. so clever, would have guessed they were old! have to get myself some annie sloan products
    thanksgiving; may yours be all you hope for

  4. Hello. What an innovative project. The wings are lovely. I never find anything interesting on Craigs List but now have renewed hope. Thank you for sharing.

  5. They look amazing now Andie!
    The perfect thing to hang on the side of your pretty grey armoire.
    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving today!

  6. Hi Andie, just saw these on Curious Sofa Diaries blog-angel wings for you!
    Best, Deb

  7. Andi I am with you with you about the wings. I have wings from my daughters dress ups about 15 years ago... love how they inspire your french room.
    come visit my theatres in my latest post!

  8. that is really awesome! it looks perfect on where you placed them. seems like they belong there

  9. This turned out SOOOOOOO cute! I LOVE LOVE IT! such a great DIY! great job!

    OH and I thought youd be interested in my "cashmere-soft" throw giveaway!!!


  10. are those wings on both sides of the 'shrank' as they call it in German (!) YOURS? That white/gold picture with the 3 candles in the foreground's your house?
    Gorgeous and you are so dedicated to these beautiful endeavors it knocks me out. I always admire passion and you sure have it and put it to such beautiful use!

  11. Andie, love the angel wings. You did a beautiful job. Always love looking at your home.
    The French Hen's Nest

  12. Amazing Andie! You've cut my road thru looking for wings very short, indeed! I think I've seen them in 'tin' around here, because children wear them in the C'mas processions and are very light in weight! I can go and look around, at the tin man and paint them in new phase... you know. Thanks so much for the tutorial and the great tip! Luv ya!


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