Wednesday, November 16, 2011

How NOT to Make Moss Spheres

This is why I never do tutorials. I start to get cocky and then something inevitably goes South.  Today is no exception. I muddled through, however. Lessons learned. Lessons I can now pass on for your entertainment and scholarship!

Let's start with the basics, supplies:
I have a pair of two foot tall urns flanking the fireplace that needed a bit of color. I decided that moss covered spheres would be perfect.  I purchased Reindeer Moss at Hobby Lobby.  The styrofoam craft spheres were a bit large for this project and they cost $18.99 each! In the past I made spheres from basketballs but I was impatient and I could not find any this evening.  I opted for vinyl bouncy balls.   More on that later. 
I'll bet you're wondering why I have toilet paper here?  I don't blame you. After searching the house for something to fill the urn so the sphere doesn't move around and also so it is jutting out of the urn at the perfect height, this was my solution.  Plus, there is always something a bit awkward and off about every one of my DIY endeavors. Why should this be any different?  It also came in handy as a pedestal on which to balance the balls while I painted them.
I have 8,792 craft components in my basement.  You'd think ONE of them would work with this project so I would not be forced to use toilet paper.
Such is my destiny.

I painted the balls a moss green and waited for them to dry.
After the balls dried I began hot gluing the moss on them, using the toilet paper roll as a stand.  Then it happened.  The ball popped!  Why?  Because I am an idiot.  That's why.
Even a child knows that applying extreme heat to vinyl will destroy it.
Handsome Husband probably knew it too.
But he didn't mention it to me.
He just watched...and said nothing.
A conspiracy?
You decide.

Not to be deterred, I cut a hole in the bottom of the ball and stuffed it with old plastic grocery bags and taped it shut.  Sounds simple enough but it really was a pain in the keister! The vinyl is very thin and it kept ripping! Gah!  Next time I will find basketballs or wait for the styrofoam craft balls to go on sale. 

If there is a next time.

Before moss spheres.

After. Even with all the challenges it only took 30 minutes for both spheres.
I just pray no one ever looks under the spheres!

I have a favor to ask of you.
If I die will you please come to my house and hide the toilet paper rolls so their existence cannot impugn my character and cause people to avoid my funeral?
I've always wanted a big funeral.  This could ruin my chances. 

Total cost:
Three Bags Reindeer Moss..$7.50
Two Bouncy Balls...             $3.00
Can of Spray Paint...             $4.00

Total...                                    $14.50

I priced these online for $110 and up, each!

Reindeer moss has such a wonderful scent.  I think that's how I remained cheerful through this whole debacle!




  1. Just think of this as an excellent way to recycle plastic grocery bags :-D! Thanks for the smile.

  2. Oh Andie you make me laugh thank you for that! I hope you weren't hurt when the ball popped. I simply use cellophane paper wadded up in an urn and then place the moss on top. I don't want a perfect sphere and it holds up to moisture in the air. I don't bother with glue just shape with my hands and let it lay there works like a charm without to much effort.

  3. Gorgeous spheres and gorgeous house! Love the furniture! I'll have to check out that Habitat for Humanity store! Thanks for the tip!

  4. Well done! That's often how my DIY's go also...I get impatient or don't think it through because I just want to dive right in and then, UH-OH. Glad you kept your spirits up though - the end result looks great!

  5. Onward and forward is my motto. Richard and Sissy Dog from My Old Historic House.

  6. Well, end good all good!!
    Very nice, thanks for sharing.

    XO Petra

  7. LOL! They look good. My friend made me a natural one back in April and it is still alive. She used moss and bark from the great outdoors. The base was Styrofoam.

  8. Andie, The final result is beautiful! Love the urns.

  9. I'm a new follower. Your home takes my breath away. You are the QUEEN of Craigslist! I was so inspired I had to buy the horchow recamier. My bad!!!
    Best, Deb without a blog-:( fron New Jersey

  10. lol....good for you for sticking with it.
    nice payoff!

  11. Andie,

    First thank you sooo much for your well wishes. I am coming along, slow, but sure.

    Second you made my day. Your home is sooo glorious and I am just picturing you doing this project probably just like something I would do! (which turned out great by the way!)

    Love and Hugs,

    Art by Karena

  12. Too funny!
    Sounds like one of my Lucy and Ethel moments.
    Have a lot of them actually!


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