Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Buffet...An Explanation...

I can explain.  I posted a photo of a buffet from Craigslist a while back.  I asked for your opinion on how to paint it. The photo was actually the Craigslist photo.  I had not seen the buffet in person until it was delivered.  It was lower than I had envisioned and the wreath appliques turned out to be a bit more feminine than I realized...

It is very long.  Six feet!  I liked that!

The wreath, although lovely, was not my style.

I tried removing the, no.  The mirror that I am hanging over the buffet is fairly ornate.  I did not want this to compete.

I decided that I would still change out the puny pulls with these French style backplate pulls.

I am always inspired by the designs of the great Tara Shaw.  This buffet is no exception!

I decided on a simple paint scheme and that pulls from the other pieces on the room, including the recently painted buffet deux corps.  These photos were taken at night.  The detail is lost. I will take more in natural light in the morning!  I was too excited to show you!

 Annie Sloan Old White, followed by Clear Wax, then a mixture of 3 parts Clear Wax to 1 part Dark Wax.

After the wax mixture was applied I sanded and gouged the paint a bit to give it the appearance of an antique.  I then buffed it.  I may apply Annie Sloan Old Ochre to the trim, as in the Tara Shaw buffet.

This piece took 2 hours from start to finish...once I made up my mind!

I promise better "after" photos in the daylight!

That's my story and I'm sticking to it!


Earlier this year, I purchased this Lee Jofa, Allegorie A L'Amour wallpaper from Richard, at My Old Historic House.  I hope I have enough for this room!  Stop by his blog and see how it looks in his stunning Victorian home!  Tell him I said hello!

I am so excited to see this coming together!


  1. Wow! What a fantastic transformation! The color and the new hardware look great. Nicely done.

  2. Your Vision is always so decisive... and so the results are always awesome and so in tune with your aesthetic with little or no compromise. I wish I possessed that ability my Friend! *Le Sigh, alas I don't and don't always possess the courage or confidence to Transform a piece.* As always a great Transformation... you should probably become a professional furniture refinisher, you've got it 'down'! *Winks*

  3. Nope definitely didn't like the wreaths or the way the whole buffet looked before you got your hands on it. It looks stunning now and will look fabulous in your dining room with your cabinet. Please take pictures of the two in the same room together!

  4. You're INSANE!!!

    Do your neighbors peek in your windows?

    What are the plans for the wreaths?

    Tara would be proud..

  5. Love it and really jeaolous about you finding this on a craigslist.
    Nothing here on craigslist that I would even want

    You do divine work dear, simplity devine. I think Candance Olson says that? LOL

  6. Ms. D. Thank's for my shout out. If you do not have enough paper to do the whole room, you can add a chair rail and paper above or do one ,two or three walls. Good luck, it will be Divine as all you do is. Love and best wishes from my old house to your new dream house. Richard

  7. Phew I am in love...solidly...with that wall paper! This is going to be stunning!! Love your buffet...what an amazing job! With wall paper like that I am following you to the ends of!

    Tassels Twigs and Tastebuds

  8. Beautiful finds! Thans for sharing!

  9. I'm excited too to see you put this all together.


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