Friday, November 11, 2011

How I saved $12,000 Or More!

 I have always wanted a buffet deux corps.  However, my budget had other plans.  I contented myself with merely looking at photos...

This is currently on 1st Dibs for $22,000!

Buffet Deux Corps, Christies.  Sold.  No price listed...but it's Christies!  Out of my league!

Another one from Christies

This one is from Cote de Texas

I love the painted finish on this reproduction biblioteque from Tara Shaw Maison.  For sale at Layla Grace for $12,163.

Why do I torture myself?

I found this armoire on Craigslist!  The plot thickens! This piece is heavy...very, very heavy!  

A little wood filler in the knots and we are on our way!  While I was at it I filled in the shells at the top and bottom of each door.  They screamed 1990's to me!

After two coats of Annie Sloan Old White

Two more coats of Annie Sloan French Linen

Followed by Clear Wax, then Dark Wax.  Buffing and sanding this was a workout!

I am on the lookout for a slab of wood that can be placed between the top and bottom pieces to act as a serving area...

My new best friend!  A little on a cloth helps remove concentrated areas of Dark Wax in seconds!  I discovered this quite by accident when I was cleaning the floor after I was done painting!

Detail of dentil and rope molding on bonnet..

Before and After

Next to Tara Shaw biblioteque...

The first photograph was taken with the camera flash on and the second in natural light. See the big difference?

There you have it!  My dining room should be complete by Thanksgiving!  No.  I haven't forgotten about the buffet! 

This project took 7 1/2 hours from start to finish.  I used a blow dryer to speed the drying process.  The blow dryer also comes in handy to melt the Dark Wax if you need more "working" time.

Only 18 more pieces of furniture to paint and I'm done!


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  1. Now I'm only guessing here my Friend, but it seems to me that fabulous repurposing projects like this and trawling Craig's List are actually YOUR special forms of Relaxation? *Winks* Thanks for stopping by so quickly, I'd just hit the Post button when your comment showed up... WOW, you're fast AND brilliantly creative... what a combo! *Smiles* Loving your make-over and glad you were able to create something with your Vision that you'd always wanted... see, torturing yourself with all those Inspiring pixs actually came in handy! And yes, they are a couple of hambones aren't they? *LOL* We had the greatest time that day... and today too in fact... we're in hyper Relaxation Mode lately.

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Andie,
    These cabinets are all so beautiful!! Enjoyed this post!!
    Have a nice weekend!

  3. Andie you need to open your own shop since you seem to love repurposing furniture and it comes out gorgeous! I'd buy from you in a nanosecond! Great job on your cabinet and love goo gone been using it for years!

  4. YOU DID IT ANDY. YOU DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    AND....I had been thinking of you for MONTHS because I have a FABULOUS FRENCH ARMOIRE that I was thinking of selling....BUT I AM KEEPING IT NOW because I am painting it exactly like this. It is dark, it is NOT an antique, but is of superior design and good craftsmanship. WHY NOT?????? I LOVE THE LOOK and you got it right. AND...I love the FOOTPRINTS idea of your tombstone....just remarkable. Peace.


  5. Ya baby you scored big time on this pretty piece. What a great job you did!

  6. You're amazing Andie! This is beautiful! What a big piece too! I love it.
    Now just hop on my grand baby train! ;)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. Patricia Eachus pinterestNovember 12, 2011 at 7:16 AM

    You are amazing, courageous, talented, gifted and a blessing to share with us all. Question? Why the two coats of Old White before two coats of French Linen? Does the white act as a primer or give the other paint some depth? Also 'a thought' (drat don't you hate it when another designer says that? Think about the crown area between the dental and the rope being the same color as the body like the one from Tara Shaw Maison. My thought is it would give a little visual weight back down on the armoire. It's great as is, just another eye of wonderment. this is definitely in my bookmarks.

  8. Are you Kidding???!!! I can't tell you how much I love what you have done!!! Nothing feels better than getting a good deal and then to put your own touch on it! A Job well done - thank you so much for sharing!


  9. Well sweet little lady, you have gone and done it again. Looks beautiful and boy will it hold tones of stuff. I have had several of the real things in my shop in St.Louis and I sold them from $12,000 to 16,000. Those were the days. While an wardrobe is not quite the same, it sure is close enough to have saved thousands. When I get better off and your house is full, I want you to shop for me on Craig's List, you get the bestest stuff for the bestest prices and what you do to it is the bestest yet. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  10. Well done Andie, absolutely stunning..amazing how the detail shows up with the paint finish. One can't even make out the beautiful cornice in the first image..
    Thank you for sharing.
    Have a lovely week
    Col- Afrique du Sud.

  11. Oh Andie this is to DIE for. You have got an eye for what's good. You should definitely join some linky parties and share this process. The goo gone is brilliant. Well done girl!

  12. Amazing again! And so smart the wood filler!
    Beautiful result. You must be very happy!!

    XO Petra

  13. Fabulous beautiful and you did such a wonderful job. You know it's how bad you want something when we can settle for a wonderful should I say knock off? that is awfull harsh reprodutrion is better which one we say its just fabulous and I would be happy & satisfied with it.
    I want a great craiglist in my area nothing at all to choose from here in small town america

  14. Holy Moly! What a transformation. You are brilliant. Like what you purchased, but LOVE what your eye saw in the piece's potential. Excellent! Wow. Oh. Wow.

  15. Again, you constantly amaze me with your eye and your skills! Congratulations on this great piece!

  16. Andie this turned out fabulous!! You must come and share it on Thursday for Treasure Hunt Thursday! I just love it!! I am your newest follower!

  17. WOW! Great find and beautiful job! It's stunning!

  18. Wow!! That was my favorite post of the month. You did an amazing job. I got a hot tip on cleaning furniture at High Point from an antique dealer. She recommends Go Joe. Have you tried it?

  19. Wow! Great redo - Very Pretty!
    Love goo gone. I have used it for many things.
    Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

  20. Gorgeous-what a fantastic job!

  21. Love GooGone as well. I brought a few bottles with me from Canada as it's not available in Poland.
    Andie, you will be able to compete in the category "the best toned arms" with Michelle Obama after your buffing workout! Great transformation.

  22. Absolutely fabulous! I have several pieces I'm working on also. Not 18 though, uhh, I don't think anyway! I just finished painting and distressing a farmhouse inspired plate rack my son and I built as a stairwell wall, in Louis Blue. It is featured, as yours, in Shades of Lots of work...
    Love your work!
    Diddie @

  23. Wow! You did a great job! Just think of all of the other projects you can do with all of that money you saved!

  24. I love your style so unique and think it is great you share the different steps in the evolution of your piece. Your armoire is divine. I do all my furniture usually with whatever paint or wax I have at hand but that Annie Sloan looks fabulous to work with! Glad to stumble across your blog

  25. I love that biblioteque from Tara Shaw and yours is identical, incredible!

  26. Could you please list all the steps?? Need to know when to wax, sand, and buff with time frame. The piece is gorgeous!


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