Friday, September 30, 2011


Craigslist Buffet.  Needs color.  Don't you think?
Therein lies the rub.  I cannot decide!
This is where you come in!
Please vote for your favorite!
I will be using Annie Sloan colors.  As soon as I get your feedback I will commence painting.  It should be complete in a few hours!  Check back to see the final product!

I am changing the contemporary knobs for these French style pulls.

Somewhat casual.  Duck Egg with Old White details, finished in Dark Wax?

Ornate!  Old White with  Dark Wax and gilt details?

Paris Grey with French Linen details?

Something altogether different?


  1. Duck egg blue with old white details, one of my favourite colours. I love the look of the buffet, lovely shape and the 'wreaths' on the doors are beautiful.

  2. Ewwww, that Paris grey and white linen looks wonderful and will make the wreaths pop out. You could give the whole thing a little rub of dark wax to give it an antique finish, just a thought. I can't wait to see what you come up with.

    As always you like to change things love your new background.

  3. Definitely, definitely the Paris grey with white linen details. Those wreaths are magnificent and need to pop out! The new hardware you picked is just perfect. This is a gorgeous piece. May we know how much you paid?

  4. I like the gray and I would do a little rub and buff on the wreath. I would also like to see the top faux marbled. It could be done in black and white marble with gray and just a touch of pink. This would make it very important looking and even more expensive. I love the piece. I can see you are doing it again, finding all those wonderful treasures on Craig's list. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  5. Oh my gosh, that blue one sure grabbed my attention.

  6. Paris Gray for sure, it goes on your beautiful bufet. I love Richard's idea of the fuax marble for the top, so it looks totally French elegant. Can't wait to see what you decided upon. Have a fun weekend. FABBY

  7. I like all three, depending on the rest of the room. I know I am not helping with this :-).
    P.S. Andie, thanks for your concern, I am feeling better, and for all the nice comments you left recently on my blog. I like your new header too. It's very much Alice in Wonderland.

  8. HI Andie!
    Great find and I think I would do a gray or blue two tone version. Your photo selections are so great for us voters!
    I am so impressed that you have a collection of so many ASC Paints in your hands to choose from!
    You must plan on painting many items and sharing lots of projects!

    I can see how I could fall into the same boat. It was hard to select just one color.
    I went with what the owner/stockist said was her most popular color. Wasn't sure I would like or love them so I only bought one and now I am sorry! They are so easy to work with. Just need to get the colorless wax and I will be set!

    Can't wait to see the finished product here. Your CL find is so pretty!


  9. You may want to pop over to Amy at Maison Decor blog to see her two toned painted secretary for inspiration. It is on her sidebar and looks like what you are thinking of for this buffet?

  10. Paris Grey all the way. Have you tried Annie Sloan's chalk paints with a wax? Gorgeous.

  11. If it were mine to color I would use the duck egg, definitely! But then would I be picking this color because I am partial to ducks? And mine laid double yokers! Thats not why, I just like that color. And I really did have a pair of ducks too!

  12. I'm not a huge duck egg turns very green when dark waxed...but you could mix Louis Blue with Old White to get a nice, soft blue...then use Old White on the raised areas. Dark wax and you're done...


    What about using the new colors? French Linen is a lovely brown-tinted grey, you could put it over Paris Grey, and then do Pure on the raised areas and distress a lot :0)

    I'm guessing no matter what you chose, it will be lovely wonderfulness!

  13. I do like the idea of a greyish color with paler always find the most amazing - bet you have insider info on craig list! xo Col ~ Afrique du Sud

  14. Been awhile since I've found something that fabulous. Isn't it fun imagining & vision questing what you will do with the finish?

    Garden & Be Well, XO T

  15. i vote paris grey & linen.....fresh and clean. by the way.....great find!

  16. Andie the finished would all work, I personally am drawn to #1 with the Duck Egg Blue... as always you're the Craig's List Queen!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  17. your BLOG is beautiful!

    greatings from switzerland
    Jacqueline ♡

  18. Hi Andie. I love the buffet. You have got me monitoring Craig's List in Birmingham now. I am finding wonderful things there. Thanks for the comments on my blog. I wish I lived near you also. We could do some serious antiquing together. I spent last Saturday starting at 8 AM buying and selling at shops, with people set up outdoors all afternoon, and ending up at an auction at 7 that night. It was all great. I wish I had your talent with paint. Marshel at

  19. Wow, what a great find! I'd go with the Paris Grey and linen. Can't wait to see the after pics!

  20. Andie, there are two businesses selling Annie Sloan Chalk paint in Alabama. One of them is twenty minutes away, so I'm going tomorrow to get some Duck Egg Blue and whatever else she has. She offers a three hour class to teach people how to use it, but I bought the book on ebay so I probably don't need to take the class. What do you think? Marshel

  21. I want some annie sloan paint just don't want a bucket full LOL

    anyway honey that blue is to die for always my favoriate in anything

    can't wait to see what you do with it


  22. Ditto, Acquired Objects...Paris Gray/White Linen.
    You found that gorgeous piece on CL???? Lucky girl!

  23. I am in LOVE with thie piece - even pinned it! I agree - I think the grey would be absolutely stunning. CANNOT WAIT to see what you do with it! Yes, a very great find!!!


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