Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lucy, Duchess of Yorkshire

Life has been busy here, as usual.  I want to share some photos of Duchess, who is henceforth known as (da! da! da!) Lucy, Duchess of Yorkshire! We live on Yorkshire Street, after all.  I couldn't pass up the opportunity.  Everyone in this house has a Godzillion nicknames...
Since her surgeries she has been gaining weight and indulging in random acts of playfulness! Warning!  Do NOT pet the tummy!

Gracie's bed is her favorite place...

This is before I woke her up to play with her!  Is that wrong?  I just look at that little bundle of cuteness and I have to kiss her until she relents and plays with me!

...or falls back to sleep...LOL!

We have a vacancy!  She naps here upon occasion but prefers our beds! This Craigslist bed will be tweaked.  Stay tuned...

I also have the most awesomely awesome tutorial coming!  It will appeal to all!  Promise!



  1. That cat is adorable! The regal bed is purrfect too :)

  2. Surely the cuddliest looking duchess I've ever come across! Love the bed!

  3. She is lovely amazing, I am so happy that she is getting better and has settled in so well. Love her stately bed. Please give her a huge hug from me and also to your other kitties.

  4. Lucy looks so much better Andie! She's beautiful and I'm so glad she has a good home with you.

  5. Oh Lucy the Duchess of Yorkshire looks sooo happy! At long last.

  6. What a great name. You sure are the clever one. Looks like little Duchess has arrived. And a palace to live in. I am sure she will reward you for all your kindness. I can just imagine what you do with the sweet little bed. Sissy Dog wants nothing to do with dog beds, she looks at me, like, I am not a dog. She is mostly right, she is my best friend. Love you and love that you love animals. Richard from my Old Historic House.

  7. This is probably the first time Lucy has ever felt happy enough to even consider playing...it's a lovely site, and so is her peaceful and content sleeping, what a love!
    I'd still go after the tummy...
    xo J~

  8. Okay, the name is too much! The bed is magnificent! All pets should be so loved and so happy.

  9. That Lucy, Duchess of Yorkshire, does not look as intimidating as her name. She looks like a big sweet pussycat – a beautiful lady she is.

  10. The Duchess is so pretty! Cats are my choice of pets, and have had many. However, I am pet free now - Allergies got out of control.
    Thanks for stopping by.
    Enjoy your evening.

  11. Meant to add - The black frosting made their tongue black, but not their teeth. :-D

  12. You, my dear, are the funny one! :) Your Duchess looks too cute to just let sleep the day away, and that bed! You find the coolest stuff on CL.

  13. Thank you Andie for adopt her. Allah Bless You!

  14. Get out of here!!!!!
    You did not find that on Craigslist!!!!!???

    I love that! Too sweet!
    You amaze me. I MUST start looking on there more diligently!!!! You have proven this point to me time and time again.


    Your new baby is just too cute.


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