Friday, September 2, 2011

New Leash On Life! Howlin' For You!

Think of the word "home".  What comes to mind?  What images do you see?
If you are anything like me, a house isn't "home" without loved ones to share it with.  My daughter will be eight years old this week!  I cannot imagine my life without that beautiful soul in it!  The memories shaped in my home are all the more special because I get to share them with her and my beloved husband.  Stories before bedtime, marshmallows in the fireplace, crafts at the table, baking sweets in the kitchen, board games on rainy days...
I also see images of my kitty, Faerie Princess, curled up on the pink velvet quilt on Gracie's French Campaign bed...Mabel sleeping in her favorite mohair covered child sized chaise longue... Shenanigan finding the perfect ray of sunlight, streaming from the stained glass church window, to warm her... Atticus proudly running up the stairs with his favorite catnip toy in his mouth, placing it gingerly at my feet...Frannie sleeping in the French Marriage Armoire we call Narnia...McGillicuddy greeting every visitor at the door with a rub on the knees, then jumping on the antique jeweler's display cabinet to get a closer look at the new people! Sweet Duchess sleeping on my pillow, under the eiderdown comforter... not to mention our puggle, Napoleon, howling along with the music or snoring away in the middle of the kitchen!
My life is good!  I am surrounded by love.
My animal friends are all former strays.  They all have sad stories attatched to their arrival at our home.  They have shown us what it means to be patient, loving and strong in the face of diversity.  It is because of their strength and love that I am passionate about the plight of all animals in need. Need.  Funny thing about that word. They need us.  We need them.  There is no doubt about it.  I need my fuzzy friends. That being said, I cannot save them all but I will die trying!

Once again, I have entered a random zipcode into PetFinder's search engine, which took us to Ardmore, Oklahoma.

                                            Meet Gypsie!

08/24/10 Gypsie is now 12 weeks old. Gyspsie was found after being dumped on a country road. She had sarcoptic mange which is curable but very itchy. After almost 2 weeks at the vet, she is now in a foster home trying to learn puppy manners. We estimate her to be about 8 weeks old. She has had her first puppy shot and continues treatment for her itchy skin. She also had hook worms and is being treated for that. Not really sure what kind of dog she is, but we are guessing beagle mix. She weighs about 6 lbs and her coat is starting to improve. She is playing with toys for the first time and she loves her new pink elephant. She is getting use to sleeping in a crate at night. She gets along with the other dogs in the house, which are much bigger than she is. She loves to be held and cuddled when she is tired. Her adoption fee is $150 to cover the cost of her medical expenses.

Gypsie's Contact Info

  • 580-221-3824/580-504-2187

PetFinder is an awesome resource for people to find the exact pet they are looking for.  There are dogs, cats, horses, of every breed, every shape, color, temperment.  Please click on the PetFinder link to see how you can help animals in need.

With Love and Hope,


Here is another option...if we do nothing.


  1. I wish we lived closer, Sissy Dog and I would get that sweet baby. You are so dear. Richard

  2. I found my two fur children on Petfinder. I wish I could adopt every animal out there and give to every animal charity.

  3. What a sweet dog. We hope she finds a great home.
    Angela and Renee

  4. Cute dog :)
    Thank you dear one for visiting me I love when you visit leaving behind a beautiful comment!
    See you and all that you inspire over here soon!
    PS. How is your garden coming along??

  5. I wish I could have more "children" because Dylan dog and his new kitty friend Petey are the loves of our lives. I hope Gypsie finds a loving home quickly! You have such a kind heart Andie!

    Hugs, Debra

  6. I adopted my Miss Belle A most beautiful Himalayan! She is my little sweetheart!

    Come and join my Fashion Giveaway from Fresh Produce

    Art by Karena

  7. How are you, Andie? Is your daughter back to school? I'm sure you're creating a wonderful sense of empathy in your daughter, too. Blessings,Kim

  8. Oh...sweet Gypsie....and that last photo....dear God above....why do we do this.

    Andie darlin', thank you for coming to visit me. YOU HOME SCHOOL, do you? I have two great friends who have home schooled. One has 5 children, the other 3. BRAVO TO YOU ALL.

    Oh, that last heart just bleeds for animals that are not wanted.

    Big hugs and it is SO GOOD to see you back ~ Anita


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