Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bomar Designs

Another source for composition ornaments is Bomar Designs.

They do not have an online catalog but the catalog is available for purchase. It is WELL worth it!
If you have a chance to peruse their site please see the "how to" link.

They are wonderful people to do business with and you will be VERY pleased with the product! Extremely inexpensive way to turn a Craigslist find into a real heirloom!

The sky really is the limit!


  1. Oh Andrea, thank you for the sweet comment to my late night Post. And I'm delighted to now discover your beautiful Blog... As of now I'm a follower... what fabulous photos and having an eye for details and beauty too... we definitely are Kindred Spirits!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Hi Andie, thank you so much for the Stylish Blog Award!I am so happy that you like my blog!

  3. Andie I'm really inspired by all these wonderful add ons. I'm starting to look at plain pieces differently. I spent last night searching CL for deals and found a couple of possible good pieces to use. But my friend nothing like you've found! I'm also all ready to slather my cherub in yogurt and moss but right now we have snow! As soon as it's perfectly mouldering I'll post pictures of it *winks* Vanna


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