Saturday, January 15, 2011

Will You Help Me, Please?

Okay. I'm serious. I need help! These are views of my family room walls and windows. Eighteen foot ceilings... The loft in all its orangey goodness is shown too. I am trying to downplay the loft and the cattywampus staircase...actually two staircases.

The openings in the wall where the mirror is will by drywalled. I cannot stand them! The tapestry hangs from the railing on the landing leading to the loft.

I am going to paint the railing. I need to put up molding. The windows? Hm. What can I do?

The Biedermeier secretary is now up against the window but I am going to move it to where the mirror is.

Help me!


  1. That room is a toughie my friend! But it also has great stuff to work with. Do you read the Cote de Texas? (It's my favorite blog) Joni talks about window treatments here:
    There's a double height ceiling featured. They brought the curtains all the way up to the ceiling and it looks amazing.
    Painting the railings is a really good idea. Could wrought iron be a possibility? ( I know it's expensive) That would seem so much more "You" kwim?
    Will you be closing off the openings soon? I was thinking some portieres (Maybe from drop cloths?) would look good in the interim? Maybe some aged golden walls? Just some thoughts. I wish I could come over and decorate with you! I just loveeeee to decorate!

  2. Thank you Vanna! I would LOVE a curved iron balcony. Lovity-love-love-love! You never know what might show up! In the meantime, there is paint. I wish I could paint a harlequin pattern on the orange floor. I may, I just may...
    We are having the drywall done in February. I have a metric ton of paintings I want to hang. In retrospect, I probably would not have purchased two "recamiers" but they are here and I can work with them. My husband calls me "Noah" for obvious reasons. I even buy things in two's just in case one breaks. I'm sure there's a pill for that! LOL!
    I am in the midst of painting my kitchen cabinets grey and i will install subway tile and white marble countertops. I also need to replace the pantry door. I hate bifold doors! They always fall off the track!
    There is a great photo in Romantic Homes Magazine this month of a teal room with really high cielings. It looks so comfortable. Whaddya' think of teal?

  3. I just finished at Cote De Texas...I really do like the drapes in the very tall room! I wonder if I have enough fabric instock?
    Thank you again, Vanna!

  4. Andie I had a brainstorm......How about draping hopps on that balcony? Like this:
    I LOVE this look!

    I know drapes like that take a ton of fabric. But they look so much better if they're thick and lush. That would make a HUGE difference in your room. And why don't you paint a harlequin pattern on the orange floor? I think that's a great idea!
    I haven't seen the most recent Romantic Homes (God I love that mag when it's good!) I want to BE in that mag! I think I would have to see what shade? I think too much teal could become very over powering? But girlfriend you do color much better than I do so I trust ya! vanna

  5. Vanna, though I love the idea...did I mention I have six cats? LOL! You should have seen MCGillicuddy and Shenanigan with the evergreen boughs this Christmas! Both of them actually FELL off the railing while they were batting at the boughs! Heart attack city!
    No, I think I will pass on the hops and, instead, install a pigeon guard on top and a couple of mini trampolines on the floor!

  6. Oh good grief sometimes I'm such a blond! Yep I DID completely forget! Nope that definitely won't do! My Jordan is getting old and doesn't climb things as much as he used to. I had to laugh when I envisioned those mini trampolines placed all over the floor! Back to the pidgeon guard..... Vanna

  7. hello there...
    I see a very large OLD tapestry in muted colors between the two windows in your first image....right down to the mantel of the fireplace...actually..something like the background of your blog?...Colette ~Afrique du Sud

  8. Colette, I like that idea and actually looked for a tapestry. Unfortunately they cost more than my car! LOL! Did you see the large French mirror? What do you think of hanging that over my mantel?
    In the meantime, please guess a time so you can enter my contest, friend!

  9. hello dear,
    Yes, the French mirror will be a good idea.. until you find that tapestry!! my guess is around the wee hours of the night..that is when my creative juices get all bubbly... but then you could actually be giving us the answer...with the time that is on the beautiful find clock?....after the paintwork was done?... love your finds, love that you do all this shopping!!Colxx

  10. Hi ..I am looking at those high ceilings and windows again...what about painting the two walls with the windows an a darker shade than the rest...and then VERY long velvet drapes from the top down to the floor and end in a puddle....and choose a colour that is not "safe" but also not way out...
    something like a dove grey...oooooo I think I have just made a decision for one of my windows..!x Col~Afrique du Sud I


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