Thursday, January 6, 2011

Who Can Read Under These Conditions? A little help?!

We recently moved into a new home. (yay!) I have always wanted a library and now I have one, kinda.

The thing is, it's really tiny. It was supposed to be the "home office" Not being a huge fan of piling all my junk on a desk right by the front entry, I decided to make it into my dream library...

I do everything backward. Dunno why, I always have. It builds character, I suppose. Also, I wanted to be sure of the placement before I paint the walls, place the molding, hang the light fixture and put the rug down...okay the rug thing was an oversight, I was so excited I forgot. There is a pile of oriental rugs in my garage waiting for strong men to help me put them under the furniture in the house. They are HEAVY, I tell you!

The symmetry is the home has none in the first place...really. I cannot seem to make this particular room flow. The walls are all cattywampus and at odd angles. *sigh*

In case you missed him, you can see my beloved Atticus resting in the velvet chair. He likes the way it grabs his fur and holds onto it! He deserves velvet, though. He is a former stray who had been badly, severely abused. We love him so! What's a library without a cat I ask you?

Another conundrum, if you will, is that the rest of my home is more French and Belgian-ish. I was thinking about recovering the velvet chair in linen and painting the frame grey? I LOVE the French leather chair in the other corner, though. It's torn and ratty but I'm sure it has a fabulous story to tell! Thanks to my photography skills (nonexistent) and the fact I am taking photos with my cell phone, the colors are a bit off. The chair, for example, is a light cognac.

After looking at the photographs I decided to remove the large painting to the right of the mirror and replaced it with the matching eagle convex mirror that is on the left. I like it better. More nail holes to fill...*sigh*.
I moved the painting to the mantel opening and moved Shakespeare in his party hat a smidge. I'll probably change it again 72 times. At least this blog helps me document my lunacy so I can get the professional help I need!

Any advice, Bloggers on High?


  1. Well I think your library looks fabulous! OMG! I want that french butlers/porters chair! I think it would be perfect in linen with the grey distressed paint! And sweet little Atticus looks as comfy as can be. I'd like to join him right there and he can sit in my lap. Oh and leave the mouldering chair alone *winks* Vanna

  2. Thanks, Vanna!
    I need to get the light fixtures out of the boxes in the garage. I purchased crystal chandeliers, morroccan stars and fixtures from old European churches on ebay. I think the lights will MAKE the room!
    I need another me, ( we can both procrastinate and not get anything done aside from visiting blogs and drinking capuccino! LOL!) the garage with me!

  3. Well I'm volunteering for that other "ME" position...As you knew I would *winks* (Pass me a capu please!) We can both sit back with a good chat and soak up all the beauty around us. You're so right about chandeliers making the room. I can't wait to see which ones you'll choose. It must be an Aladdin's cave in that garage of yours! Fixtures from old european churches....I'm sooo intrigued. Vanna


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