Friday, January 28, 2011

Should I?

This grotto stool is lovely but I am thinking it would look better if I gold leaf it?  Any other suggestions?  I have no other black accessories in the family room and it stands out too much, I think.  
Egad!  Those orange floors!  Looks like Halloween!
Maybe today is the day Handsome Husband helps carry the carpets in from Ye Olde Garage?
To the left of the stool, on the floor, is a trio of reproduction cherub architectural brackets that I want to paint to look like aged terracotta. More on those in a bit...

Just to give you an idea of the environment surrounding the stool...need to make drapes.

Antique, gilded grotto stool that I found online.

And now the cherub brackets...I found them on Craigslist this past summer.
They are each about 3 feet long and 6 inches wide.  Right now they are a pearlescent-y-ish finish.  I don't like it.  I was thinking about painting them to replicate the look of aged terracotta, as if they came from an old city building?

Like this...?

Please help me decide!  I appreciate your input!


  1. Ms. Divine. I say gold leaf the stool. They were usually. As far as the brackets go. I would suggest a Venitian plaster finish.Layers of color with joint compound mixed in. And rub the top coat off so the coat under neath would show. I usually get small pints of paint, and mix in plaster of paris, the more you put in, the heavier. Mabe shades of terra cotta. Good luck girl. Richard

  2. Okay but let me first get over your magnificent Angel Statue *smiles*... now that I've caught my breath, yes, Gold Leaf would look exquisite on that piece IMO... the brackets however I don't have a firm opinion on, whatever you think would look best where you plan to utilize them... Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. Andie I'm going to solve your decorating dilemma (Cuz I'm generous like that) Send the biedermeier secretary to me along with the accountant cherubs. After all they WILL need a place to sit and do my taxes!....See end of problem!! *winks* Vanna

  4. I say the grotto stool should definitely get a gold leaf update. but, not quite as heavy as the gold one in the picture. I would still like to see some black here and there.
    The cherubs I think would be gorgeous in a bronze color and then a layer of a patina green rubbed off to show the bronze and then an ivory also rubbed off to show the gren and broze and then finish with a Dark golden stain in the highlighted areas.
    Geez, did I just suggest a ton of work or what! I really should keep my opinions to myself. LOL

  5. Those sound like great ideas to me. That stool will look great gold leafed.

  6. I love your style! I like Richards suggestions.

  7. Hi! Thank you for your kind comment on my blog... Happy week! :-))


  8. Pretty I like the white..

  9. I would paint it Venetian style of off white with gilt trim.

  10. wow! you have sooooo many gorgeous things around the house! gold please!
    good work! can't wait to see the result!

  11. yes to gilding the lily and keep the statues as are...I love them like that.
    does that make your job 1/2 as much fun?

  12. love the stool -i think if you gold leaf it and then age it somehow -that would be magnificent!

  13. Thanks everyone! I actually painted the brackets. They don't look all that different, just a bit, um...richer, I think!

  14. I like hte idea of gold leafing the stool and then applying an antique glaze to soften it.


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