Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Random Thoughts, Random Postings

I bought a really junky French provincial desk on Craigslist for $100.  It wasn't worth $100 but I am no good at haggling.  I am afraid to offend people so I just pay what they are asking.
I never take "Before" photos, maybe because I think I will jinx myself, I dunno. I get too caught up in my vision and I get tunnel vision until I am finsished with a piece.  Then I think to myself "you should have taken a photograph first!"  Always too late!  It kinda defeats the purpose of revamping, though, if you don't know what it looked like in the first place!
I am relying on your artistic sense and your imagination to conjure what this wobbly, veneered desk with crumbling pseudo inlays looked like before I took a paintbrush to it!

I also added a fragment to the drawer in the center, a broken piece of laurel swag that was given to me.  I am thinking of adding angel ormolu that I took off a gaudy lamp table that I also bought off of Craigslist.  The photos do not do them justice, they are not nearly as shiny and they are pretty big, about 5 inches tall. I also need to fix the wings because I broke every last one when I was removing the angels from the lamp.  It could have been avoided, but I am an impatient creature.  *sigh*

Please note* every last item on this desk was purchased from ebay and Craigslist, except for the pheasant feathers which I picked up on a walk by the lake last spring!


  1. I love the color blue you painted this piece. It looks very nice in your surroundings!

  2. Thank you, Andrew! That means a great deal coming from you. I truly admire your style.
    It is actually more of a grey but photographs blue-ish. I think that's why I like it, it looks different in different types of light. I think I will go ahead and mount the ormolu onto the corners tonight!

  3. Hellooooo!! I really need to know you! I think we're kindreds! At least if what you've shown so far is any indication *winks*
    First could I say (and I mean this in the nicest way)would you please change your font color? I'm dying to read everything you have to share but it's sooo hard to see with that red on blue. Second OMG!! I LOVE the name of your blog!!
    Third I want to see bigger pictures pleaseeee??
    Your desk looks fabulous! But all I can see is a little bitty picture...And I'm longing to see the stuff you have on top! Ok now what number am I on?.....Oh yeah 4....Your new armoire is gorgeous! And I have the same EXACT quandry! I have a Louis XV armoire (Also found on craigslist...can I get a hollah!) and I am so confused as to what to do? The room it's going in is very white shabby chic-y so I want to paint it but the wood is in such good original condition? What are you going to do? Please tell me. And thanks for following my blog! Now I'm following yours too *winks* Vanna

  4. Thank you Vanna! I was having some difficulty with the layout and ultimately I thought no one would visit my blog so I just left it! Now I have the coolest followers so I will take your advice and tweak the layout to the best of my abilities!
    Next stop, the camera...
    I have actually "met" you before in the HGTV forum, so I was really pleased to see your name pop up here. We do have a lot in common!
    In one of your "Rate My Space" posts you used the word "mouldering" and I knew we could be friends! Initially I was going to name my blog "Miss Havisham's Wedding" but I changed it at the last minute. I didn't think people would "get" it!
    I will meander over to your blog to see your armoire and steal ideas in general! :)

  5. Oh thank you from the bottom of my heart (and eyes) for that color change! S**a is that you? Ms. Jeanne D'arc? Well girl it's no surprise I found you then!! We DO love the same things! I love Dickens but you're probably right, most wouldn't "get it"
    I haven't posted my new armoire on the blog yet. When I was moving it from the original owner a leg fell off! So much for my great deal huh? But the hubbs has glued it back on and I'm really leaning towards painting it. I want to put it in my shabby bedroom (the same one posted on RMS) Do you remember it? Well that room is predominantly white. However it kills me to paint a perfectly good piece of french cabinetry.....quelle quandry! Lol!
    What are youy going to do with yours? It sure is a beauty! And is that your bedroom in the blog header? Love love that too! Oh and I'm still a mouldering gal!! *winks* Vanna


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