Friday, January 28, 2011

Room For One More?!

I met another lovely couple on Craigslist.  Initially I purchased the "Winter" garden statue and two GINORMOUS urns on plinths. I knew right away that I would get along swimmmingly with the post's author because the Craigslist posts he wrote were HYSTERICAL!  While I was visiting with Tom and Pam I noticed these beautiful pieces on the walls. Tom told me they belonged to his mother who had passed and he would be willing to sell them since they were moving to a smaller home and didn't have the room. Since neither of us knew the value of the pieces Tom brought them to an appraiser and we waited. ...and waited...and waited!  Well, the time has come to bring these little urchins home with me!
I wonder what this wheat carving embellished long ago?  It is a large piece, about 15 inches across.  Any ideas?

I wonder if these adorned a piece of furniture?

Close-up of the CUTENESS!  *smooch!*

See Vanna?  Look familiar?  This putti is "Winter", I wonder where his siblings Spring, Summer and Autumn are?  Probably on vacation...somewhere warm!

This is about 15 inches across.  Kinda' on the large side.  Where do you think it came from?  Hm?

These putti look like middle aged accountants but I love them still!

See?  He is willing and able to prepare your taxes for the 2010  tax season!

I wonder if these pediments were from the same piece as the large wheat cartouche?  See the wheat bundles?

Once again, Craigslist has fed my addiction!
All hail Craigslist!


  1. I'm hailing you girlfriend for all your fabulous CL finds!! Seems Pam and Tom are good folks to know *winks* Those little fauns are too adorable! I'd give them smooches too! And we both have the same winter yippee!!...Shame the rest of the four seasons family has hightailed it to warmer climes...I'd love to get my little mitts on them! Oh and ummm could you send those accountant putti to my house for the tax season? I'll send them back...eventually...I promise *winks* Vanna

  2. I love those faces! We found a Pan statue about five and a half feet tall a few years back and I thought he would look good between a couple of very tall bushes in the back. But then I changed my mind, cause I think everytime I would go outside in the evening or look out the windows he would give me the creeps because of his size!


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