Friday, January 21, 2011

Dreams Are Made of This

Have you ever found a chair you just LOVE but it has a broken leg (or two) and you aren't sure you can fix it? Take it home...NOW! Why? You ask? I'll show you!

With very little effort, this...

Can become this...


Can become this...

Simply cut the legs off and set them to the side for future projects. Place furniture feet of your choice at the corners using Gorilla Glue. You can find lovely furniture feet at Van Dyke's Restorers. Reupholster...and your beloved baby has a new place to rest!


  1. I love this!! Thanks for sharing! I am glad you like my Art luggage!! You seem like someone who could make it in a heartbeat!! am just north of you outside of Milwaukee!

    I love you r Blog!! Keep in touch!!


  2. Oh that bunny bed is so adorable! I want the bunny AND the bed! Good ideas girl! The blog is looking great too! Vanna


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