Thursday, January 6, 2011

These Are Stencils!

Hello powder room walls! Thank you, Vigini Studios! How about kitchen island cabinets? Bathroom cabinets? Inexpensive Craigslist armoire doors, eh?


  1. Because I am a neophyte (fancy term for "I have no idea what I am doing") I am posting a link to Vigini's awesome site here...

  2. When you are creating your blog post there is a bar right above your pictures and below the Compose/HTML tabs that says "link" You can highlight the word of your choice and click on that link tab and it will allow you to enter the address of whatever you want. Hope this helps and if you have any questions I'm happy to help. Vanna

  3. Should add that I'm a neophyte too! haha!

  4. dear one, thanks so much for your lovely comment.I really appreciate your thinking of me...

    I love these stencils. I did do some years ago in a turn-of-the-century home we were in. It was fun and I loved the result.

    Happy New Year and thanks again! donna

  5. Donna, I hope that the little bits of peace you have been able find here and there settle into your heart with the memories of your beloved father. I am sad for you but also so pleased to know that good people like you and your father have walked this earth!


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