Monday, January 24, 2011

This Won't Do

I think everyone here is familiar with Vanna, of delusions of grandeur.  If not, you really should be!  Vanna introduced me to a book entitled Rooms,  by Carl Skoggard.  When I first saw the cover I was not impressed.  The cover is reminiscent of sixties, Andy Warhol-esque Post Modernism.  Not my bag, not at all.  I know Vanna's taste and I am certain she would never buy a book from that genre.  Nothing wrong with it, mind you.  Just not our thing.
Imagine my shock and awe when I saw actual photos from the book!  Nothing like I expected!
Rooms such as this abound...
I purchased the book and studied each and every page and then I studied them again!  Glorious!

But the cover...oh the cover!  It would not do.  Not at all!
So, a velvet remnant left from Gracie's nursery bedding...

Plus an antique vestment applique...
Duct Tape...
Then... (Fabri-Tac rocks!  It dries in seconds!)


Ten minutes in all.

What do you think?
A cover worthy of the book?
 (In the spirit of full disclosure I just realized I glued the cover on upside down!  LOL! Too late now!)


  1. Hahaha!! It looks great!! Soooo much better than the original! *winks* Ain't it the truff?!! That books cover is hideous! Any one of the images inside would've been a better choice. What were they thinkin'? I tried to whip up something equally fast and it didn't quite work more later *winks* vanna

  2. It sounds like I will have to get that book!! It is truly amazing about the cover though. That is such an important first impression for a book I wonder why that particular cover was chosen!

    Great job fancying it up!

  3. Just had to come back and tell you I ordered the book- found it on Amazon for 6.30 with shipping- I love a bargain!

  4. The book seems very deserving of your beautiful cover. I really laughed about your putting it on upside down - it's good to know its not only me makes stupid mistakes like that!
    x Sharon

  5. Mary Ellen, you are going to LOVE it! I promise. I keep getting lost in its maze of beauty! (Maze of beauty? Who write this stuff?) Let me know what you think!
    Sharon, I changed it again. LOL! I couldn't take it! Leave it to me to write a tutorial and screw it up in PUBLIC!. It has been that kind of week! I have noticed a trend in my life. I only do REALLY stupid things when LOTS of people are watching. *sigh*

  6. Hey I loved "maze of beauty"! I'm going to use that one a lot!
    And a high five *slap* to confessing to doing it wrong in a tutorial....We would've never known. *winks* Vanna

  7. Well, trust me, you're not the only one whose Art projects have sometimes gone awry... I did like the velvet cover too, but agree, I use Silk Velvets a LOT in my Art and having a kitty IN the house who feels the need to be ever present during the creation of a project, cat hair + velvet = nervous breakdown! I have yet to get that book, but when I do I shall also be giving it a cover makeover!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  8. I just popped by after your comment and wanted to thank you so much - good to know I'm not the only one who can royally f*** up a project! lol I have to say, talk about a lesson in not judging a book by it's cover - what were they thinking?! Yours, despite being upside down ;) looks MUCH more befitting to it's rather grand pages! xxx


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